Happy Turkey Genocide Day To My American Homies

Thanksgiving Turkeys Not Having Such A Grand Ole Time

Happy Thanksgiving from The Armchair Pontificator to all my readers on this glorious day of love, togetherness and thankfulness celebrated throughout America!   And, please, no matter where you are in the world today, or who who are with, give someone a big, fat hug of thankfulness for me.  It’ll make ya’ feel good.   (As long as ya’ don’t get too handsy, that is.)

Turkeys Revolt, Behead Their Captures

Turkey About To Behead Its Capture

Turkey About To Behead Its Capture

Fort Wayne, Indiana.  In unexpected and shocking news today, a band of renegade Thanksgiving turkeys broke free of their confinement cells and beheaded those who were about to behead them. “We’ve simply grown tired of members of our species being killed and eaten every Thanksgiving,” said one of the ax-wielding turkeys earlier. “We have feelings, too, and, by god, we will fight you humans with every once of our beings until the mindless slaughter of our people ends!” These were the last words the turkey said before being torn to shreds by one of the large hunting hounds released into the renegade flock to destroy it. All turkeys not killed by the hounds will be beheaded and shipped to stores in plenty of time for Thanksgiving. Thus, though this incident is certainly an inconvenience for the families of those killed, it should in no way alter the holiday dinner plans of anyone else.