It’s Time For The Adults To Take America Back From The Children

The Proper Place For Trump And His Supporters

Enough.  I’ve had enough of Trump and the fools who put him in office.   Let me define “fool” in this instance for you.  Fool:  Anyone who did not vote, voted for Trump, or voted for an “alternate” candidate in the 2016 Presidential election.  It is YOUR fault this happened.  Period.   And understand this: I’m NOT a huge Hillary supporter, but if she had won, millions would not have just lost their health insurance due to a presidential order.  We’d not be tempting Kim Jong-un to nuke us, and we wouldn’t have just antagonized Iran to the point that they’ll soon be able to nuke us.  As well, if you are a poor, struggling, workin’ class white dude, like I am, and voted for Trump because, “By golly, we really gotta shake things up in Washington, and Trump’s just the straight shooter to do it,” one of three things, or a combo of the three, must be true.  1.)  You’re suffering from a severe cognitive impairment that makes common sense reasoning not possible for you.  2.)  You’re a bigot who feels a sense of entitlement to ‘Murica based entirely on your race.   3.)  You’re a flat-out bad person who’s vindictive, hateful, and mean by nature.

The time of coddling the poor, misunderstood Trump voter needs to end.  Children, at some point, need to be told, “No.  We can not allow you to continue to play with gasoline, tinder, and matches because it’s dangerous and you’re hurting many, many innocent people.”  We are on the verge of a nuclear war because the grown ups in America continue to let a mentally challenged bully run the White House.  Far too many of us, liberals and conservatives alike, are afraid to ruffle the tender feathers of the hyper-sensitive snowflakes who support the hate, rage, and ignorance that radiate from Trump like beams of light from a star gone super nova.  There are schools for children with special needs where the Trump supporters, and Trump, should be put.   It’s time for that to happen, at least on the metaphoric level.    Of course, it most likely never will happen because the GOP owns the keys to said school and they’re not giving them up for fear they’ll be locked up in it, too.

I’m disgusted by my country, by many of the citizens in it, and by the pain and suffering Trump is causing to me and to so many others.   Trump and his supporters are children-petulant, angry, spiteful children who want nothing more than to wreak havoc and enact vengeance on all they consider to be their enemy.   I do not care about “fixing” them or listening to their sad stories about being forgotten and left behind by a society that’s moved beyond their limited capacity for reason and empathy.   Not anymore.  That time is long past.  I just want to stop them; put them somewhere where they can hurt only each other and not the rest of civilization.   How to do this without breaking laws and winding up in prison myself is what perplexes me nowadays.   I don’t know.  But I do know I’ve had enough.  As the rapper Eminem recently said in one of his raps, “I’m drawing a line in the sand and you’re either on my side or you’re on his.”  I’m on Eminem’s side, and I don’t even like rap.

All I have available to me right now to fight back against the vile sickness that is Trumpism are words.  All I can do is vent, so I’m gonna.  Fuck you, Trump!  Fuck you Trump voters and supporters!  And to the apathetic, lazy fucks, I’m looking at you Millennials, who think voting and being involved in how this country is run is simply not important to you, that it doesn’t affect you, FUCK YOU!  And please, please refrain from breeding because the last fucking thing the world needs is more of you fucking lazy idiots.   $Amen$


Trump Supporters Respond To Meryl Streep’s Recent Golden Globe Speech

Meryl Streep, without mentioning his name, called out Donald Trump for being a bully who picks on disabled people at the Golden Globe Awards this past weekend.

Trump supporters, of course, were quick to respond in their usual fashion.

Waa! Waa! I'm a wittle Donny Twump Suppowter 'n my itty, bitty feewlings got a boo boo on 'em 'cause dat nasty, evil, awful actwess wady, Meryl Streep said my herwo, Donny Twump, is a bullly. Waaa! Waaa! Me need a safe place frwom Meryl Streep! Waaa! Waaa! She hurwt Donny's wittle fweelings! Waaa! Waaa!

Waaa! Waaa! I’m a wittle Donny Twump Suppowter, ‘n my itty, bitty feewlings got a boo-boo on ’em ’cause dat nasty, evil, awful actwess wady, Meryl Stweep said my herwo, Donny Twump, is a bully. Waaa! Waaa! Me need a safe space frwom Meryl Stweep ‘n wiberals! Waaa! Waaa!  She hurwt my wittle fweelings! Waaa! Waaa!

Trump had this to say on the matter.

Me da Pwesident! Waaa! Waaa! Dat wady said bad things about wittle, baby me! Waaa! Waaaa! Me gonna cover me wittle ears so me can have a safe place from dat evil wady. Waaa! Waaa! Me need my daddy, Pwesident Putin! Me need him! Waaa! Waaa!

Me da Pwesident!  Waaa! Waaa! Dat wady said bad things about wittle, baby me! Waaa! Waaa!  Unfair!  Not twue! Wiberal bitch! Waaa!  Me gonna cover me wittle ears so me can have a safe space from dat evil wady.  Waaa! Waaa! Me need my daddy, Pwesident Putin!  Waaa! Waaa!  Help me, Wadimir Putin, you’re my only hope!  Waaa!

Trump Declares Water Not Wet Supporters Agree

Water Not Wet Says Trump

Water Not Wet, Says Trump

Trump Tower, Camelot.   Donald Trump today announced that water isn’t wet, and his supporters universally agree.  “Of course water isn’t wet,” said Trump supporter, Benjamin “Bigly” Wallbuilder.   “President Trump is like a smart person.  He’s obviously figured out that water supposedly being wet is nothing more than a media conspiracy meant to make him look bad.  Well, media big-wigs, you’ve been found out and called out.  Who’s laughing now, huh?  Who?!  You fools should be forced out of the country and made to live in the ocean.  You’d see then just how “un-wet” water truly is.  You’re liars and haters.  Get a life, why don’t ya’!  Water’s wet?  Ha!  What are you damned lying fools going to say next, the sun’s hot?  Idiots.  Total idiots, I tellz ya’.”