White Men Must Be Expunged From America

Devin Kelley

Gunville, Texas.   Once again, a white male has used an assault-type weapon to murder innocent Americans.   Devin Kelley, a white, male terrorist killed 26 people at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas yesterday.   The problem here, just to be clear,  is NOT easy access to assault-type weapons and guns but white men.   The consistency with which we see white males, for whatever reason, buying assault-type weapons and killing dozens of innocent people is alarming and must be stopped.  Thus, I’m asking Congress to enact a law to make it mandatory that all white males be expunged from America.   This simply MUST happen in order to make America not only safe, but great once again.   Fewer white males will mean fewer mass gun murders by these terrorists in waiting.   How much more evidence is needed to see the value of this idea?   So, like my Great Uncle Thaddeus Whippersnapper The Third once said, “Friggin’ white men are all mentally sick bastards.  None of ’em should ever have guns.  Leave the guns to women, children and minorities, and kick all white men out of America before there is no America left.”  And to Uncle Thad’s idea I say, $Amen$.