Fly Sues Spider Over Web Placement

The Fly Who Filed The Law Suit


Newark, New Jersey.   A locale fly today filed suit against a spider for placing its web too close to the school the fly’s children attend.   “This is an outrage,” the fly said earlier.  “It’s bad enough a spider has decided to move into our neighborhood, thus driving down property values, but the fact that it has made its web near the school our children attend is criminal, immoral, and just plain mean.  I’m filing this suit in an attempt to get the spider to keep its web at least a 100 yards away from the school.   I worry enough about my kids every day without having to worry about them being eaten by a spider while on their way to school.  Hopefully the judge in this case will have a heart and rule in my favor.  My kids’ lives, and the property value of my house, depend on it.”