Bell Curve Author, Charles A. Murray, Releases New Book Called The Genetic Inferiority Of People Named Joe

Charles Murray: The Man who Proved Wealthy, White, Conservative Males Are Genetically Superior To Woman And Blacks

Charles A. Murray: The Man who Proved Wealthy, White, Conservative Males Are Genetically Superior To Woman And Blacks

Cul-De-Sac City, Florida.   Charles A. Murray, author of the book, The Bell Curve which proved to the world that wealthy, white conservative men are genetically superior to woman, blacks and Latinos, released his new book today entitled, The Genetic Inferiority Of People Named Joe, and had this to say about it.  “This new book is the result of decades of research conducted by a plethora of really smart scientists named Ted and Arnold.  They, like me, have always known that people named Joe are simply not born with the genetic capacity to be as smart, wealthy, or good-looking as people not named Joe.  The scientific research in my book proves, conclusively, that any person, man or woman, named Joe is, genetically speaking, inferior to the rest of humanity.  And, I say, because of this, they should be rounded up and placed into sheltered “Joe” camps as to not bother the rest of us with their idiotic blubbering and repulsive looks.  It is time to put the reigns on people named Joe and make the streets of our cities safe once more for our children.  Buy my book, for just 27.95 a copy, to find out how you can get involved in the End Joe movement today.  Order now and receive a God Hates Joe T-shirt, absolutely free, while supplies last.”

Nicholas Wade: A Racist Author I Want To Eat

Nicolas Wade: Author, Racist, And Fuck Head

Nicolas Wade: Author, Racist, Fuck Head, & Meal

As an atheist and morally deprived, godless cannibal, I’ve made it my life’s duty to eat people who I consider to be fuck heads. Well, Nicolas Wade, author of a new racist book called, “A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History,” is just such a fuck head.,%202014&utm_medium=email&utm_source=EOACLK

I hate racist fuck heads like Wade almost as much as I hate little boy rapist Catholic Priests. Why? Because they lack the balls to be honest about just how fucking racist they are. Instead, they hide behind pseudo-science and claim it somehow shows just how much smarter and more genetically advanced white people of European ancestry are to every other group of people on the planet, especially black people. It’s all genetic to fuck heads like Wade: Whites rule cause their genes make them superior. It’s all evolution. Right. It’s all bullshit. Fuck you, Nicolas Wade. Fuck you, and fuck your god damn white European ancestors. You spineless pussy. I’m going to eat you, Mr. Wade. I’m your genetic superior and on the top of the food chain. I’m a godless, morally deprived atheist who lacks all control over his basest instincts and emotions. Thus, my burning hatred of you, you fucking racist piece of shit, can only be quenched by my eating of your boiled flesh. Yummy, yum, yum, yum!