How To Be Safe Around Hoodie Wearers

It is hard these days to remember all you need to about the potential dangers posed by hoodie wearers. Hoodies are the preferred outer wear for common thugs, non-white, teenage male goons, and Catholic priests who rape little boys. But hoodies are also sometimes worn by people who are Christ-like and wouldn’t hurt or hate anyone the Bible doesn’t tell them to. So how can we tell which hoodie wearer is bad and which is not? I put together a few pictures to help answer this question.

This first one is to help you hone your gut instincts around hoodie wearers. Look at the picture below and ask yourself, “Which teen do I just KNOW is a dangerous rapist.” If you’re a God-loving, “traditional” American you’ll know the answer in your gut.

Which Of These Young Punks In Hoodies Is Thinking About Rape?

Which Of These Young Hoodie Wearers Is A Rapist?

This next picture is of a headless ghost wearing a hoodie. Obviously, run like hell if you bump into one of these. They’re supernatural, and they’re scary. I included the picture only to show you the variety of dangers hoodie wearers can present.

Headless Horseman In A Hoodie

Headless Ghost In A Hoodie

This last picture is of a proud NRA member, armed with three concealed handguns, loitering outside a store looking for unsavory characters to protect you from. Like Batman, he may look dangerous, but isn’t, unless he has reason to think you’re unsavory.

George Zimmerman Lurking About A 7/11 In Hoodie

Armed NRA Member Looking For Unsavory Types

I hope this helps makes being around hoodie wearers a lot safer for you. Amen.