New Study Shows White Supremacists Have Tiny Penises

Professor James Blackman Of The University Of Chicago

Professor James Smartman Of The University Of Chicago

Chicago, Illinois.    The results of a study conducted by Professor James Smartman, head of the genetics department at the University of Chicago, show what many intelligent humans have always suspected, males of the white supremacist race have extremely tiny penises.  “It’s true,” Professor Smartman said earlier.  “All of the white supremacist men who took part in this study had penises no longer or thicker than the pubic hair surrounding them.   It was, to be honest, very difficult not to laugh at these poor, pathetic creatures as I studied their tiny willies.   How this particular group of humans can procreate when the males of the species have such minute genitalia is beyond me.   But, unfortunately for the rest of us, they’ve found a way.  They’re also not the smartest apples hanging on the homo sapien tree.   To get them to participate in this study, all I had to do was offer them a free six-pack and an Uncle Adolph Hitler plush toy.   They were happy to let me measure their penises whilst they drank beer, belched, and played with good ole Uncle Adolph.   I’ll next be conducting a study to determine whether or not white supremacists have testicles because, to be honest, I didn’t see any while I was digging through their pubes looking for their penises.”