Self Declared Nobel Prize Winning Smart Ass Solves A Problem

Just a few short hours ago, the smart ass know-it-all who authors this blog was informed the “Leave A Comment” section on a particular post was set to “closed.”

Artist's Rendering Of My Frustration Over An Inadvertently Closed Comment Section

Artist’s Rendering Of My Frustration Over The Inadvertently Closed Comment Section

Panic over took him because he, using his keen Nobel Prize winning brilliance, realized he hadn’t set it that way himself and now he had to figure out, all by his whittle self, how to correct the problem.  Well, we here at TACP home offices are very glad to inform you, the problem, after much cussing and many unintelligible grunts,  has been corrected.  Praise be Faith, my brothers and sisters. Praise be Faith because faith in non-existence guys gets you tax exempt status in America, and God, as you all know, loves America more than any country there ever was, ever!