Thor’s Hammer Replaced With Small Screw Driver

I'm Not Taking THAT Into Battle!

I’m Not Taking THAT Into Battle!

“This is bullshit!” an angry Thor yelled today from Avengers Mansion. “My hammer goes missing, I ask Odin for a decent replacement, and he sends me a god damn child size screw driver!? WTF?!  I’m NOT going into a battle with that fucking thing! I’ll be laughed off the planet!

Thor's New Weapon

Thor’s New Weapon

Odin is punishing me for misplacing it. That’s what this is all about.  This has happened before and he’s pissed at me about it. I get so wound up when I throw my hammer, sometimes it winds up going much farther than I intended, and it takes it awhile to find its way back. One time it wound up in Texas, and they refused to give it back until I attended three bar-b-Que tasting contests there. Kinda yummy, actually. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do sometimes, eh? But a fuckin’ tiny screw driver! I mean COME ON, POP!!! Loki’s the shit heel, not me! I sure as hell hope that hammer makes its way back here soon. The humiliation of this is fucking killing me.”