I’m The Lindbergh Baby, Says Ken Ham

Lindbergh Baby, AKA Ken Ham

Lindbergh Baby, AKA Little Ken Ham

Ken Ham, curator of The Creation Museum in Kentucky and young Earth advocate, said today that he was, in fact, the Lindbergh baby all grown up. “I know what heathen skeptics and Satan-spawn atheists are going to say about this fact,” Mr. Ham said. “They’ll say I’m not old enough to be the Lindbergh baby, and that his remains were found decomposing in the woods near the Lindbergh home some eighty plus years ago. Well, to these savage, non-believing baboons, I say, fudge off. You are wrong. Anything can be true to those who have faith in its reality. Anything at all. So, not only is the universe only 6000 years old, I’m also the Lindbergh baby, all grown up and sporting an Abraham Lincolnesque beard. Those who have faith, the faith I tell them they should have, can see this undeniable truth quite clearly. Put that in your skeptic’s pipe and smoke it, you evil, skeptical, atheist heathens. And always remember, Jesus loves everyone, except gay men and you.”

Ken Ham AKA Lindbergh Baby Grown Up

Ken Ham, AKA Adult Lindbergh Baby