Chase The Homos Around The Globe: A Grace Church Seattle Board Game


Faustshire, Washington.   Grace Church Seattle, that gay-hating congregation of loving Christians lead by Ryan Faust and his beautifully bigoted wife, Katy, has released a brand new, Christian oriented board game called, Chase The Homos Around The Globe.   Proceeds from sales of the game will be used to help the Fausts travel the world and spew their hatred for LGBT people everywhere.  The game is designed to be played by five Christ-loving Christian bigots, and one unlucky homosexual.  It comes with a game board designed to resemble a world map, five white Christian playing pieces that look like Republican Presidential Candidate, Ted Cruz, and one homosexual game piece that resembles the Christian playing pieces only it’s pink.

Join These Christians In Chasing Homos Around The World By Buying Grace Church Seattle's New Board Game, Chase The Homo Around The Globe

Join These Christians In Chasing Homos Around The World By Buying Grace Church Seattle’s New Board Game,  Chase The Homos Around The Globe

The game starts with the five Christian pieces in the center of the board, or “Heaven”.   The homosexual player piece can be placed on any continent the gay player chooses to place it.  The Christian players then roll a die, and move that many places toward the continent the homosexual player’s piece is on.  Each place the Christian players land on the board has an anti-gay slogan or a Bible verse written on it.  They’re to read the saying in a taunting way at the homosexual player each time they move their piece.  The game is over once all five Christian players arrive on the continent with the homosexual player’s piece, or when all of the anti-gay slogans and Bible verses have been read.  The homosexual player can then either chose to admit homosexuality is a sin and be baptized into Christ’s Church, or they can try their luck with the game again by moving their playing piece to another continent and shouting, “Do over!”  Either way, the five Christian players win, and they always will.  It’s what God wants.

Katy Faust Chasing An Australian Man Around With A Bat Because She Thinks He Just Might Be Gay

Katy Faust Chasing An Australian Man Around With A Bat Because She Thinks He Just Might Be Gay

The cost of the game is 24.95, and, like was said earlier, all proceeds from the sales of it go to help Katy Faust and her homophobic husband spread their particular brand of Christian hate and bigotry across the globe.  Buy now, and receive a, Grace Church Seattle Hates Fags, T-Shirt absolutely free, while supplies last.

Ann Coulter Confesses, “I Used To Be A Man!”

And not just any man, as it turns out, but 1970’s TV star, Grizzly Adams.

Ann Coulter circa 1977

Ann Coulter, circa 1977

Ann Coulter Today

Ann Coulter Today

“I always knew I was a conservative, right-wing harpy trapped in the body of a bear-loving outdoors man,” the former Mr Adams said. “But I was afraid to say anything about it because of the discrimination so many transgendered people face in America. So I secretly moved to Sweden, shaved my beard, and had a sex change operation. I stayed in Sweden working as an “escort” to wealthy business men until I earned enough money to return to the states and fully become the conservative, judgmental, bitch I always felt I was.

Hopefully my fellow conservative, judgmental friends will still embrace and love me now that they know I once had a cock and a thick-ass beard. I see no reason why they should have an issue with this. Do you?”