Trump Institutes New National Anthem

Ivan Drago From Rocky 4 Says, ” Ivan Loves Trump’s New American Anthem!”

New Moscow, New York.    Donald Trump today, claiming it had NOTHING to do with Russia, signed an executive order declaring this song to be the new American National anthem: Russia National anthem Russian & English lyrics – YouTube


Rocky Balboa Villains VS Really Annoying Christians

Coming this Spring to TACP Cable Sports Network: Three famous Rocky Balboa opponents will battle it out with three famous, and very annoying, Christians in three, twelve round boxing matches. The fights, and their contestants, are listed below. It all begins this March, so make sure your Cable subscriber carries TACP Network or you’ll miss out on what is sure to be some good old fashion ass-kicking of some really annoying, blow-hard Christians.

 Fight One

William "The Exasperator" Lane Craig

William “The Wind-Bag” Craig


Clubber "I Pity Da Fool" Lang

Clubber “I Pity Da Fool” Lang


                                                Fight Two

Ken "The Can" Ham

Ken “The Canned” Ham


Ivan "If He Dies, He, Dies" Drago

Ivan “I Must Break You” Drago


                                               Fight Three

Bryan "The Asshole" Fischer

Bryan “The Asshole” Fischer


Apollo "No One Can Beat Me" Creed

Apollo “The King Of Sting” Creed

These fights are guaranteed to make the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate from last year look like a wrestling match between two newborn kittens. You don’t want to miss ’em. Order ’em now so you won’t.  $Amen$