And In Conclusion…


1.)  And in conclusion, I promise to never again eat several cans of kidney beans before going on a long distance car trip with you.

2.)  And in conclusion, since Father O’Connell has promised to NEVER again fondle little boys’ genitals, we’ve decided to relocate him to a distant parish where no one knows who he is or what he’s been accused of doing.

3.)  And in conclusion, as should be obvious to anyone who was actually listening to me, I said “Virginia,” not “vagina”.

4.)  And in conclusion, in spite of what you may have read on the internet, AED’s should NOT be used to treat erectile dysfunction.

5.)  And in conclusion, letting wolverines loose at a child’s birthday party is not humorous and will always result in an indictment and multiple law suits.

6.)  And in conclusion, have a great weekend everyone, and thanks for reading.