New Study Finds Toddlers Unlikely To Vote In This Year’s Election

These Guys Won't Be Voting This Year

These Guys Won’t Be Voting This Year

Diaperfull City, South Dakota.   A new study conducted by a group of people somewhere in Idaho has revealed that toddlers are highly unlikely to vote in this year’s Presidential election.  “Yeah,” said Phil McSacken, spokesman for the group of people in Idaho who conducted the study, “none of the toddlers we questioned said they’d be voting in this year’s Presidential election.  As a matter of fact, most of them simply belched and spit up on us when we asked them the question.  We’re not sure if this means they didn’t like, or understand the question, or if they’re just sickened by the idea of voting all together.  Hard to tell with toddlers.  They often are hard to read and act as if nothing around them matters except them.  We’ll be doing a follow-up study to this one shortly in which we’ll determine which brand of vodka toddlers prefer most.  We’ll report on the findings as soon as we have them.”