A Christmas Message From TACP


Holiday-GreetingsOn this blessed day off from work, dear friends, let us remember that first Christmas, so very long ago, when the Pilgrims and the Indians dressed in scary costumes and gathered together to witness the birth of our savior, Baby Allah, whilst eating turkey and stuffing under the shining metal Festivus pole at Macy’s Department Store in New York. Let us remember, too, how they hated, yet loved each other; how they kissed and bit each other, and how they all got naked in the end and fucked like rabbits on steroids until the cock crowed three times in the East and their mothers called them home to scold them for behaving like immoral heathens so near the crib of the anointed one, Baby Allah. Let us remember them, my friends and let us have a great day today, because tomorrow, when we wake up, the fucking Republicans will STILL be in complete control of the U.S. Government. Have a great and Merry Christmas everyone. And remember, don’t tell the authorities if Christian infant is on your holiday menu tonight. Eating infants is, unfortunately, still illegal in most, if not all, countries of the world. $Amen$