Morphine Dream


When the time comes

To go

I hope I go in a

Morphine dream


To be so sick as to

Need a drip that

Will gently bring a

Morphine dream


But not so ill

As to bring

A chill

Of pain

So bad

I wish

I had

Lived my life in a

Morphine dream

Greetings From The American Psychiatric Association

Hello everyone. My name is Dr. Henry Hymen. I’m a psychiatrist and a spokesman for the American Psychiatric Association.

Dr. Henry Hymen

Dr. Henry Hymen

I’m here to inform you that most human emotional suffering is not due to trauma, abuse, rape, war, or concentration camp festivities. No my friends, almost all human emotional suffering is actually a disease, a sickness which can only be cured by first labeling it and then drugging the bejesus out of it with dangerous drugs that are just LOADED with nasty, unpleasant side effects. We here at the APA are so certain of this undeniable, yet ironically completely unproven fact, that every ten years or so we actually create dozens of more disease labels for human emotional pain. These new emotional diseases, conveniently, can be medicated with the same FDA approved drugs we’ve been using to unsuccessfully treat old emotional diseases with for decades now. Hell, why bother spending billions to research and develop new drugs to use as side-effect laden band aids for emotional diseases when we’ve got a medicine chest full of approved and dangerous old ones! So remember, if you’re an abuse survivor, concentration camp survivor, or just a plain ‘ole rape survivor, the emotional pain you’re feeling from it ain’t normal. You’re feeling it cause you are diseased and genetically fucked up. Normal folk are just fine within ten to fifteen minutes after a horrible traumatic occurrence, no matter how long or how often said occurrence took place. You are a diseased individual if you suffer prolonged emotional pain after horrible events, and only a strict regiment of side effect laden drugs can help you, not extensive talk therapy and most definitely NOT love, understanding and compassion.

Emotional Pain: A Disease Only Drugs Can Cure

Emotional Pain: A Disease Only Drugs Can Cure

You need drugs baby. High priced, horse shit filled drugs. Remember this the next time a loved one passes and you feel pain over it for more than 2.3 weeks. You’re sick, diseased and genetically predisposed to that abnormal pain, you freak, and you need drugs to fix you. Any normal, non-diseased human being could tell you that. I do so hope I brought a little ray of sunshine into your lives today with this little discussion. Bye now.