9/11 Conspiracy Revealed As Conspiracy By Conspiracy Experts


conspiracy-theories-3x2Two conspiracy experts, who themselves are believed by conspiracy experts to be a conspiracy, revealed that conspiracy theorists now are postulating that 9/11 conspiracy theorists and so-called “Truthers” are themselves a conspiracy being used to cover up the truth behind the 9/11 conspiracy theories.  “What skeptics and idiots who demand evidence before accepting something as true don’t get is that there’s a huge conspiracy to cover up the truth which prevents them from accepting the very conspiracy that’s being used to cover up the truth,” said Philip Dumfuk, conspiracy expert.  “And the truth about 9/11 is that nothing happened on 9/11.  It’s a conspiracy that conspiracy theorists created to cover up the fact that nothing ever happens and none of us are really here. Everything is simply a conspiracy so Obama can prepare to reveal himself as an Asian women named Sally and join the circus. Take the fucking covers off your eyes and see the truth people before you become part of the problem and not part of the solution to unraveling the conspiracy problem which keeps the real conspiracy hidden from those not believing in it. I beg you to take this to heart before a conspiracy to not take it to heart engulfs your very soul.”