Catholic Church Still Doesn’t Get It

This recent U.N. report on the Vatican’s despicable, decades long, behavior in its handling of little boy priest rapists is one the Church needed to take humbly, with the utmost respect and seriousness. UN report urges Vatican to act over child sex abuse | euronews, world news

Of course, true to form, they didn’t. Instead, they attacked the U.N. report for what they claim is an “unfair” and “distorted” portrayal of the Church. Vatican calls UN child abuse report ‘distorted’ and ‘unfair’ | euronews, world news

Here’s my distorted and very fair response to the Catholic Church: FUCK YOU! Really fellas, fuck you! Every damn Cardinal, Bishop, and Pope who’s ever been involved in the moving of child rapist priests from one unsuspecting community to another needs to be charged with crimes against humanity and imprisoned til the flesh rots from their bones. The Church needs to be forcibly liquidated: its great wealth then given to the victims of the child predators it has so ubiquitously created and protected all these years. Period. End of the fucking story.

Catholic Church Is Evil, Baby, Says Satan.

Catholic Church Is Evil, Baby, Says Satan.

It is time we, as a species of cognitive creatures, place the well-being of our children above our deference for organized religions and their insipid, insulting concept that invisible realms and beings are more important than the one’s that exist right here, right now. I’m sick of hearing how children are considered to be valued above all else in our society when it is damn clear they most definitely are not. Deference to invisible deities and those institutions that promote their ultimate importance over reality are what we hold most sacred as a society. If our children were as important as we claim they are, their value to us would supersede all else. ALL else. And fuck anyone who tries to argue to the contrary. The reality of what we, as a society, have allowed the Catholic Church to get away with, right in front of our eyes, for decades, annihilates any such argument before it can even begin. Enough already.