Ask A Black Hole

Dear Black Hole, lately I’ve been feeling like the whole world sucks. I want to stop feeling like this because many people are telling me it doesn’t suck, at least not all of it. Do you have any advice to help me stop feeling this way?   Thanks, Jenny Jinglebuns, a Catholic Nun


Dear Sr. Jinglebuns, thanks for asking me this question. It’s lonely out here in space, and I greatly appreciate any communication I receive from other sentient beings. Unfortunately, I can’t entirely help you with your question. You see, I’m the king of sucking. I suck EVERYTHING around me into me, even light. Why, just the other day, a spacecraft was flying by me, but, before I could even say hello, the entire thing shot past by my event horizon and was sucked into the oblivion that is the core of my being.  All I can really offer you on this matter is this: If I didn’t suck, I wouldn’t exist.  Thus, just because something sucks, it doesn’t mean it’s bad.  Thanks again for writing, and have a grand day.   Yours always, A Black Hole