Wise, Awesome Knowledge From The Book Of Revelation

And There Shall Be Great Gaps In The Knowledge Of The People That Will Be Filled With Nebulous Horseshit That Far Too Many Will Claim To Be Divine, Infallible Knowledge That They Are Privy To Because, Well, Because They Say So.   Revelation, 65:34

And There Will Be Great Gaps In The Knowledge Of The People.  These Will Be Filled With Copious Amounts Of Horseshit That Many Will Claim To Be Divinely Inspired And Infallibly Correct.  They Will Say This Knowledge Is Infallibly Correct Because, Well, Because It Will Be Written In Very Old Books Which They Will Claim Contain Infallible, Divinely Inspired, Perfectly Correct, Knowledge.  And There Will Be Great Rejoicing Throughout The Land!   Revelation, 65:34:33—HIKE!!!

Hilarious Bible Qoutes You’ve Never Read

Hilarity & The Bible Go Together Like Farts And 5th Grade Boys

Hilarity & The Bible Go Together Like Farts And 5th Grade Boys

We all know and love the Bible for its light take on reality and its pompous, male-centric nonsense, but few know of the sublime hilarity hidden within its pages. Why? Because the Bible, like the pyramids of Egypt, was cryptically created by aliens whom only a very few geniuses have ever completely understood. Well, lucky for you, I’m one of them. Thus, I’ve been able to decrypt a few of the more hilarious Bible verses for you, and I’ve written them below for your entertainment.

1.) This first quote comes from Paul’s letters to the Hungarians. It reads as follows: “Knock knock. Who’s there? Ya better zip. Ya better zip what? Ya better zip yer fly after ya pee or yer dinky will get cold.”

2.) This one is from Galatians. It reads as follows: “Hey Henry!” “Yes.” “What the fuck is a Galatian, exactly?” “What kind of idiot are you? He’s the arch nemesis of The Fantastic Four and the creator of The Silver Surfer. God, you’re a dork!” “Sorry, dude. Guess we all can’t be as smart as you.”

3.) This one comes from Genesis: “And then Bones said unto Kirk:’It took God 7 days to make the universe. But she does it in 7 minutes!’ ”

4.) This gem comes to you from The Gospel of Luke: “Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father.” “He told me enough! He told me you killed him!” “No, Luke! I am your father!” “NOOOOOO!!!”

5.) Finally, for today, I bring you this beautiful quote from the Book of Revelation: “A revelation? You want a revelation, Alice? I’ll give you a revelation! Bang! Zoom! You’re gonna be on the MOON in minute, Alice! How’s that for a revelation?”