I’ve Won The Offensive Blogger Award

Dude, This Blog Is Offensive

Dude, This Blog Is Offensive

Great news this morning.  I created a new blogger award and gave it to myself.  It’s The Offensive Blogger Award, and here’s why I received it.

1.) Gratuitous use of the word “fuck” for no good fuckin’ reason.

2.) Continuously publishing posts about Republicans that say they are greedy, heartless, bastards in a one-sided, prejudiced way.

3.) Blog shows a vile, and unfettered dislike towards Creationists and other right-wing religious conservatives who bother the living fuck outta me with their idiotic banter and continuous bitching about how THEIR rights are being violated because I don’t kiss their asses and praise them for believing in invisible sky fairies.

4.) Blog makes too many lists of silly shit in its posts.

5.) Blog picks far too much on pedophile rapist priests and the Catholic Church which breeds, distributes, and protects them from prosecution by covering up their crimes and hiding them in one unsuspecting community after another.  Fuck the Catholic Church.  Hard.  (See, I just did it again)

6.) And, lastly, though I insist everyone in life has a right to express their opinions, I deeply believe those who do not agree with mine are completely wrong.  Why?  Because I read it here on my blog, and everyone knows that if something is written down, it surely can’t be wrong.