Dick Head Of The Month: Illinios R-Governor, Bruce Rauner

TACP's First Ever Dick Head Of The Month

TACP’s First Ever Dick Head Of The Month

The Arm Chair Pontificator staff would like to congratulate Illinois R-Governor, Bruce Rauner on becoming our first ever Dick Head of the Month.  This soul-less, heartless, obscenely rich excuse of a man was given this award for his funding cuts to autism programs two weeks ago. April is Autism Awareness Month, and Mr. Rauner chose it to send his message of FUCK YOU to the autistic citizens of Illinois loudly and clearly.  Since taking over as Governor in January, Mr. Rauner has systemically implemented his budget plan to crush labor unions, destroy Medicare, Social Security, and SSDI and eliminate school lunch programs for poor children. You, Mr. Rauner, are a true, unadulterated Dick Head. So, too, is every person who voted for you without first looking at the kind of son of a bitch you truly are. If we knew who they were, we’d let them share this award with you, you Dick Head, you.

Here’s a link to more info on this Dick Head’s actions: Rauner cuts autism program funding when target must be pensions