A Word From Aqualad

Hi folks, Aqualad, here.

Hi folks, Aqualad here.  I’m Aquaman’s 18-year-old sidekick, and I help him protect the salty brine from thoughtless surface dwellers who pollute it with garbage and pee.  To help me do this better, Aquaman has given me a spiffy new costume that consists of a red shirt and a groin-hugging pair of blue shorts that show off my hairless, boyish legs extremely well.   As an added bonus, my super costume has a lovely “A” for a belt buckle.  This signifies I’m Aquaman’s top rated partner and an ace at keeping people from peeing in otherwise clean waters.   I gotta…I was gonna say run, but since I’m 50 fathoms deep, I can’t technically run, so, I’ll say swim.  See you later folks, and remember, keep your trash, and your pee, outta the water.