Holocaust Deniers Now Saying WW2 Never Happened

Professor Walter Witless Of Trump University

Professor Walter Witless Of Trump University

Ya Gots Ta Be Kiddin’ City, Ohio.     Hundreds of Holocaust deniers, lead by Professor Walter Witless of Trump University, are now claiming that WW2 never happened and was, instead, a conspiracy of lies started by F.D.R., Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Humphrey Bogart to create jobs for Jewish movie producers in Hollywood.   “Look, man,” Professor Witless said earlier, “ain’t it obvious?   Where the hell would Hollywood movies be without the myth of WW2?  WHERE?  Non-existent, that’s where.  Jewish producers in Hollywood, during the late 30’s and early 40’s, were going bankrupt because no one was going to see their movies.   This is an absolute fact which can be verified very easily if you simply believe everything I’m saying without question.   So, what happened is this.  F.D.R., Clinton, Obama, and Bogart, all Jews, BTW, got the editors of every major newspaper  in the world together, and, at gun point, threatened to shoot them dead if they did not write that a world war was going on and a maniac named Hitler was killing Jews in Europe.   Fearing for their lives, they did as they were told.  And, bravo, WW2 was created with one of the greatest villains in history to dominate it, Adolph Hitler.  I mean, COME ON!  No one in real life could ever be as grotesquely evil as that guy.   Needless to say, after this fiction was created and sold to the world as real, the movie business began to boom as movie after movie about it was made and sold to an eagerly awaiting public.  This goes on in Hollywood to this day.   So. as you can now deduce, since WW2 actually never happened, how could any Jews have been killed in it?  They couldn’t have.   The Holocaust never happened because WW2 never happened.  I rest my well-argued case.  Have a pleasant day.”

God Denies Holocaust Deniers The Right To Be Called Human

God Isn't Happy With Holocaust Deniers

God Showing His Dislike Of Holocaust Deniers

God today, from His vacation home in Naples, Florida, issued a brief statement declaring He has taken the right to be called “human” away from those who deny the Holocaust.  “Let me start by saying, for those ‘Christians’ out there who fail to understand this, that I’m a Jew, and so is Jesus, my son,” God said. “And as a Jew, I’m disgusted and sickened by the actions of those individual entities known as ‘Holocaust Deniers.’ As well, I’m just as sickened by those who debate the final numbers of Jews killed during the Holocaust, as if 5 million murders is somehow less horrific than 7.  They seek to place blame on the victims of the Nazis by suggesting they deliberately exaggerated these numbers for the purpose of gaining sympathy. What right do those who seek to wipe out the crimes of Hitler and the Nazis have to call themselves human?  The brains of Holocaust deniers are small, feeble, and weak.  They espouse untrue and blatantly anti-Semitic nonsense and are an offense to me, God. Therefor, I am denying them the right to be called human. Henceforth, they will be known simply as ‘The Nameless Ones.’ As well, I will be certain that, when they die, they spend an eternity in Hell, being gassed to death, over and over and over again, in a ghoulishly designed gas chamber which, I assure you, they will not once deny is real.  Til then, your very Jewish friend, God.”