Anthropologist Discovers Creationists Living Next To Homo Sapiens

Cave City, Kentucky.   Interesting news today comes to us from Anthropology Professor, Buddy Uptome of the University of Chicago.  “I was walking in a wooded area of Kentucky, not far from a town filled with your average Homo Sapiens, when I came across a building called, The Creationist Museum,” Professor Uptome said earlier.

Homo Sapiens

Average Homo Sapiens

“I went inside, out of curiosity, and found the place to be crawling with Young Earth Creationists, a species of hominid known as Homo Stupidous Ignoramous, long thought to be extinct.  This particular species of hominid has the same brain capacity and usage of its frontal lobes as regular Homo Sapiens.  However, members of this species exhibit a narcissistic, willful, ignorance when it comes to science and learning about the world around them.  Instead, this species of hominid deliberately chooses to believe the words of the Bible, a bronze age book which glorifies a homicidal, maniac of a god, are literally and undeniably true.   Members of this species can usually be identified by their arrogant and self-righteous attitude when speaking of the Bible, and their Abraham Lincoln-like beards.  (See photo below)

Homo Stupidous Ignoramous Can Easily Be Identified By Their Abraham Lincoln-Like Beards

Members Of Homo Stupidous Ignoramous Can Be Identified By Their Abraham Lincoln-Like Beards

It is my recommendation, as an anthropologist and an average Homo Sapien, that you stay out of the woods of Kentucky and avoid Homo Stupidous Ignoramous at all costs.  Its members are not only insulting to the intellect, they’re highly offensive in their deliberate attempts to convert you to their dangerously naive way of thinking.  Also, they smell bad.   These are things all normal, intelligent humans are better off without.”

Nicholas Wade: A Racist Author I Want To Eat

Nicolas Wade: Author, Racist, And Fuck Head

Nicolas Wade: Author, Racist, Fuck Head, & Meal

As an atheist and morally deprived, godless cannibal, I’ve made it my life’s duty to eat people who I consider to be fuck heads. Well, Nicolas Wade, author of a new racist book called, “A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History,” is just such a fuck head.,%202014&utm_medium=email&utm_source=EOACLK

I hate racist fuck heads like Wade almost as much as I hate little boy rapist Catholic Priests. Why? Because they lack the balls to be honest about just how fucking racist they are. Instead, they hide behind pseudo-science and claim it somehow shows just how much smarter and more genetically advanced white people of European ancestry are to every other group of people on the planet, especially black people. It’s all genetic to fuck heads like Wade: Whites rule cause their genes make them superior. It’s all evolution. Right. It’s all bullshit. Fuck you, Nicolas Wade. Fuck you, and fuck your god damn white European ancestors. You spineless pussy. I’m going to eat you, Mr. Wade. I’m your genetic superior and on the top of the food chain. I’m a godless, morally deprived atheist who lacks all control over his basest instincts and emotions. Thus, my burning hatred of you, you fucking racist piece of shit, can only be quenched by my eating of your boiled flesh. Yummy, yum, yum, yum!