Corona Virus Turns Trump Into Chinese Man

In shocking news today, President Donald Trump has been transformed into a Chinese man after contacting covid-19. “I woke up and looked in the mirror,” Trump said earlier, “and much to my surprise, I found a Chinese man looking back at me! Obviously, this is a side effect of the ‘Chinese/Kung Fu’ virus I contacted from Joe Biden during our debate several nights ago.  Sleepy Joe is SOOOO afraid of my greatness that he intentionally infected himself with covid-19 right before our debate in order to infect me with it by shouting at me to ‘shut up, man,’ during the event.  In spite of this turn of events, I am still the same man I have always been and will not stop uttering crude, racially insensitive comments every chance I get.  So, please vote for me on Nov. 3rd and help me to make America great again because the current president has driven it deeply into the gutter these past 4 years!”

17 thoughts on “Corona Virus Turns Trump Into Chinese Man

  1. Ha! Boy that would take the cake.

    Hong Kong fluey, number one stupid guy
    Honk Kong fluey, dumber than a piece of pie

    He’s got no style, an evil smile, and lies that just won’t stop
    When the goin gets rough he’s super fluff
    With a Hong Kong fluey flop

    Yes, I’m that old 😉 … and that juvenile!

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  2. Fake news! If big D really has got a dose he would be in deep do-do. Next week he will be bouncing about telling his sheep how great he is in defeating the bug!
    I smell bs.

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  3. But … but … but … I thought YOU were running for president! And now you’re encouraging us to vote for the Chinese Man???

    I’m sooo confused

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