WATCH THIS! Trump Supporters Show Their True Selves

Watch this clip from Stephen Colbert’s “The Late Show”:  It’s funny, sad and frightening at the same time.  THESE are Trump supporters exposed.   To quote Puck from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” “Lord, what fools these mortals be!”   These people redefine the words, “fucking idiots.”

Update:  Here is a second part to this video from Colbert’s show last night:   We are FUCKED America!  FUCKED!!

12 thoughts on “WATCH THIS! Trump Supporters Show Their True Selves

  1. Hello inspiredbythedivine1. Oh just fucking Oh! I can not even muster up a My to go with it. I really feel too educated to belong in this country. The stupid it burns. These idiots will be the first ones to tell you it is their country, that science is a money making scheme to take away their rights, and that god speaks to them to give their money to the TV preachers while putting their groceries on their nearly maxed out credit cards. Thanks for the video suggestion, I needed a mind wipe. 😀😃😋😉 Hugs

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  2. My friend, your country people never cease to amaze at how stupid they can be

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  3. O.M.Gawd!!!

    I HOPE this was staged and these were actors, BUT

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  4. Every day that goes by, I find myself thinking that orange idiot supportes can’t possibly be that damn stupid. But again every day that goes by that is all I see any evidence of.

    I really don’t want to think of my fellow countrymen as fucking tRump Nazis, but that is the feeling I’m getting. These bastards would soon be happy gassing Democrats, refugees, immigrants, or anyone with enough good sense to realize what is happening with our politics is bat shit fucking crazy.

    Again I do not want to feel this way. But at some point you have to read the damn writing on the wall.

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