24 thoughts on “For All Those Who Think Trump Is Great

  1. Maybe you need to fart in his direction? Blow him out the White House?

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    • At this point, if anyone still thinks “Bunker Boy/Girl Donny/Donna” is still a decent, good leader and an “alpha male” they’re raging fucking idiots.

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    • A few of those raging fucking idiots are my neighbors. I’m tellin’ ya, Jeff, it’s getting harder and harder to keep the peace around here.

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    • I hear you. Keep pointing out to them that Trump is far more of little, spoiled girl with major daddy issues than a man and is certainly taking up her li’l mangina from Unka Vladimir Putin and watch their blood pressure soar! Just be ready for a fist fight, cause li’l Donna Trump supporters are THE most hyper-sensitive snowflakes around. Raging, entitled babies. The lot of ’em.

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    • Oh, I do. Yes, they are definitely hypersensitive but most of them are loudmouth cowards just like Trump. The hardcore gun-toting white supremacists are absolutely not cowards, but they are easily distinguishable from run-of-the-mill Trump supporters.

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    • True. I have “white nationalists” on one side of my family–an aunt and uncle and some cousins. I never see them any more, but my sister does, and she tells me they hate Trump because they see him as a “race traitor” and a coward. They claim he surrounds himself with too many “Jews” and is part of a system that, in their eyes, ruins America for them. What this means to them exactly, I don’t know and don’t care to find out. They have a plethora of guns and are definitely ready for “war”. They are not the raging sissies that Trump and his ilk are. They are very, very scary people, and IMO, extremely dangerous. Trump is literally a massive can of gasoline being poured onto fires that have been burning for decades, if not centuries, in this country. He is poison and triggers the worst instincts in the worse part of our citizenry. He has to go.

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