More Photos Of Famous People From The Bible And Other Places

Here are some more pics I came by recently of famous and well-known people that I thought my readers might want to see.  Enjoy.



Bernie Sanders, As A Young Man, circa 1867, About To Address A Group Of Young Progressives Fighting For The Right To Bring Their Emotional Support Horses Into Stores With Them When They Shop.


Moses, On A Trip To Chicago, circa 1989, Attempting To Part Lake Michigan In Order To Show Some Sexy Girls That He Is, Indeed, THE Moses From The Bible.


The Holy Trinity.  From Left To Right: Yahweh, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit on Spring Break in Washington State, circa 267 AD.


Mitch McConnell’s Great Uncle, Sid ‘Viscous’ McConnell, circa 1923, Getting Ready To Shoot At Some Black Kids On His Lawn That He Claims Are ‘Liberal Monsters’ Coming To Take Away His Right To Practice Christianity In America!  “You Monster Liberals Better Git!  Or I’m Gonna Pump Yer Asses Fulla Some God-given’ Buck-Shot!  Now, GIT!!”


Noah, After Stepping Off The Ark For The First Time In Months, Way Back In Old Testament Times. “You Animals Can Go F**k Yourselves! Next Time You Need Your Asses Saved From A Flood, Take Another Ship!  You All Are Some Noisy, Stinky, Loud Mother F**kers! I Ain’t Slept In Months! Now Git Da F**k Off My Ark And Let Me Be!!!”


Old Republican Man, After Giving Himself Covid19, Saying, “I’ve given myself this virus to demonstrate to other old Republicans how easy it is to ‘take one on the chin’ for the Stock Market and the future of America. “Don’t die fer nuttin’, ya sum’bitches!  Die fer the Stock Market and young Republicans everywhere like the President wants ya too!”


Yoda, On His First Visit To Earth, circa 1981, Addressing The UN: “Good, Your Food Is Here.  Back To My Galaxy, McDonald’s Burgers, I Will Bring!  Tasty, They Are!”


Donald Trump and Mike Pence saying, recently, “Nothin’ to worry about with Covid19, folks! Nope! It’s all blown out of proportion, and just a Democratic/liberal hoax! It’ll all be over by Easter! We swear it! (Cough! Cough! Cough!)”


St. Peter, circa 2004, On A Trip To New York, New York Saying, “These Buildings Are SOOO Tall! They Sure Didn’t Build ‘Em Like This Back In My Day!  Do You All Store Grain In Them Like The Egyptians Did With The Pyramids?”

25 thoughts on “More Photos Of Famous People From The Bible And Other Places


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  2. hahahahahaha!!! I needed a good laugh. Thank you my friend.

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  3. Bloody hilarious, thanks IBTD. Rump & Penny look like the customers coming into our store right now, paranoid as f*ck.

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  4. That’s so hilarious! I kinda relate to Noah, though. Them animals really are loud and stinky!

    BTW, I heard you guys in the Windy City had some nasty weather lately.

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  5. Jeff! You have had me with this one. Wherever you get these pics, keep going there

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