Donald Trump: Man or Baby

Here are few pics of Donald Trump that beg the question, “Is he a man, or a baby?”


“Da wibtards ‘n da Dumb’ocrats are pickin’ on Wittle Donny! Dey makin’ Wittle Donny angwy! Wittle Donny don’ wike ta be angwy! Wittle Donny gonna cry now! WAAAA!! WAAAAA!!!”


I don’t know if these adult diapers are large enough to hold all the festering shit Trump expels on a daily basis, but we gotta try something cause he’s stinking up the country something fierce.


These paper towels literally helped save Puerto Rico after it was struck by a hurricane a few short years ago. Thank the Lord Jesus Trump was there to toss these out to people. $Amen$


“WAAAAA!! WAAAA!! WAAAA!! Me don’t wike da Dumb’ocrats! Dey makes fun of me!!! WAAAA!!! WAAAA!! Wiberals are mean ta Donny!!!! WAAAAA!!! WAAAAA!!! Dey better stop makin’ fun of Wittle Donny or Wittle Donny’s gonna tell his Daddy, Vladimir Putin, on dem! WAAAA!!! WAAA!!! Daddy Vlad, dey pickin’ on Wittle Donny!!! Make ’em stop, Daddy Vlad!!!!! WAAAAAA!!! Wittle Donny no likes it! WAAAA!!”


Apparently, these diapers, made by Trump’s company in China, are very popular with his female followers and his male followers with penises that are shaped liked small mushrooms. Gotta hand it to Donny, if there’s a toileting need out there, he’s the one to fill it.


And, lastly, here’s a picture of a baby who’s cute, kind, smart, nice, not a wimp, and doesn’t whine like a menstruating cat when things get tough! “Help us, Baby Yoda, you’re our only hope!”

18 thoughts on “Donald Trump: Man or Baby

  1. The question is simply. He is a baby who is stinking up this country at its worst. His mouth is spewing diarrhea. 🙂

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  2. Is he a man, or a baby?

    The correct, undeniable answer is… BABY. Period. No debate whatsoever. All an educated, well-educated, or highly educated American adult (that votes and always utilizes equitable critical-analysis in life-choices) has to do is let tRump talk and talk and talk—on one or two subjects, preferably complex subjects—to soon conclude that not only does the idiot NOT KNOW intricate, significant details of a topic, or controversial event and its relevant factors/variables, BUT he doesn’t have an oratory and vocabulary TO explain it or break it down into comprehensible mechanics, processes, functions, or dynamics!!!

    Yes, just let the baby-man talk for 30-mins to an hour—but NOT about himself; that would be a total waste of everyone’s time and everyone would fall asleep bored!—and you’ll have you SUPER EASY answer: BABY, thru and thru. 😉

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  3. “Because it’s not so funny when you’re the one with leaks.” – lol!

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  4. Hello inspiredbythedivine1. Did you see where tRump went on a rant about needing to flush the toilet 10 or 15 times? What the heck is he eating if it takes that much water to make it go away? Dude needs a garden hose in his bathroom. Hugs

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