Happy Turkey Genocide Day To My American Homies

Thanksgiving Turkeys Not Having Such A Grand Ole Time

Happy Thanksgiving from The Armchair Pontificator to all my readers on this glorious day of love, togetherness and thankfulness celebrated throughout America!   And, please, no matter where you are in the world today, or who who are with, give someone a big, fat hug of thankfulness for me.  It’ll make ya’ feel good.   (As long as ya’ don’t get too handsy, that is.)

16 thoughts on “Happy Turkey Genocide Day To My American Homies

  1. Happy slightly late Thanksgiving! I have hugged many people today, just for you!

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  2. Wild turkeys got a modicum of revenge recently when they attacked unsuspecting humans and terrorized a small town in New Jersey. Their leader – a big, dumb, and aggressive tom named “Talon” – was observed among a group of hens wearing a MAGA hat. When he spotted the human observer, he charged the poor woman in a threat display and called her a “liberal communist scumbag.”

    Unfortunately for Talon, the lady’s impoverished and hungry neighbors saw an opportunity for a meal. They surrounded him, knocked him to the ground, cut off his head, plucked off his feathers, gutted him, and threw his ass into the oven on election day earlier this month. At the dinner table, his roasted carcass was garnished with his MAGA hat.

    Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

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  3. It’s difficult to recognize them at times — but we ALL have things to be thankful for. Everyday. But since this has been a “designated” day to think about those things … let’s do it with gusto!

    HTD!! 🦃

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  4. Hello Jeff. Same great wishes back to you. Stay healthy, happy, and safe this holiday season. Hugs

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