A Few Rambling Pontifications Based Entirely On Empirical Evidence

Photo-Realistic Painting Of The Arm Chair Pontificator

1.)  People who do good only because they believe an invisible guy will send them to eternal hell if they don’t are shit-heads we’d be better off without.

2.)  Just because I do not believe your assertion that there’s an invisible guy or invisible beings running the universe does not mean I’m making an assertion that such things absolutely do not or can not exist.  Perhaps they do.  I simply have seen nothing to convince me of this.  Nothing.

3.)  Who’s in a better position to explain what my thoughts and feelings are on something, me or you?

4.)  Those who argue vehemently that there IS and MUST be a god are, deep down, terrified they’re wrong.

5.)  Why do Christians argue that evolution is wrong with non biologists?  If you wish to assert evolution is wrong, go to the evolutionary biology department at the University of Chicago and explain it to the scientists there.  Then, if you can convince them with your wisdom, knowledge and expertise on the subject that you’re right, let me know.

6.)  Let’s say you’ve succeeded at number 5 from above and convinced the evolutionary biologists at the University of Chicago that evolution is a crock of dinosaur poop.  Great.  That’s grand.  You’ve proven I was an idiot for thinking those folks had a solid basis for their scientific theory.  However, do you know what you’ve not proven to me?  JESUS!  You STILL have to provide demonstrable evidence for your particular take on your particular god in order for me to give credence to your assertions that he is real.  OK?  I’m waiting.

7.)  The world is beautiful. The universe is mind-boggling and immense.  How did it come to be?  Why is it here?  Why are we here?  There’s one honest answer to these questions.  One answer that is “right.”  That answer is, I don’t know.  And do ya know what?  Neither do you.

8.)  I honestly do not care what you believe or do not believe.   However, when you try to legislate your religious beliefs so that I, too, will be governed by them, I’m gonna fight back against you with every breath I take.

9.)  I get more joy and love from my dog than I’ve ever gotten from any invisible being or entity.

10.)  While living life at times is hard for me, I find living it as best I can each day to be far more productive than dwelling on my death and on what comes after it.  My death will create in the universe the same state that was here for the 13.7 billion years before I was born.  I simply won’t exist, and, after a brief period of time, no one will even notice.

11.)  People who can’t laugh at and/or mock themselves occasionally will never be winners of self-awarded Nobel Prizes the way I have.



33 thoughts on “A Few Rambling Pontifications Based Entirely On Empirical Evidence

  1. Sniff That was so moving. In fact after reading it I realise I need to make a movement …

    You are awarded Blogger of Yahweh’s Universe.

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  2. Truly inspired! Divine, actually! Couldn’t agree more!

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  3. Eleven Truths. Eleven EXCEPTIONAL Truths.

    I love your mind, my friend.

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  4. Outstanding!!! I love them all. I just got done watching Steven Anderson telling his rabid flock to violate the laws in Arizonian and got to places it is illegal for them to go door to door preaching at, that they have already been kicked out of, because they have god on their side and they are right! Yes, he says the bill of rights gives them permission to go any where to anyone and push the word of god on them. Their rights to not have that be damned because his people have religious freedom. The guy is totally off the rails nuts. You should listen to him, then drop acid and do it again. It still wont make any sense. But he is the inspiration of Matt Powell and a whole new generation of in your face we are taking back the country preachers. Of course once they do , they have to stone all us LGBTQ and you atheist also. Hugs

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  5. Brilliant, must be another award in it for you. Btw you cut a mean figure, do you work out?

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  6. You should have finished off your rant with #9. 😀 Best one of the bunch … although they’re all EXCELLENT!

    I can really get behind #3!

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  7. I agree with all 11! Do I pass the test? Do I get a cookie?

    Oh wait, I will award myself an A. I saw a president do that. And I’ll get myself a damn cookie too 🙂

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