10 Things That Are True Because We Can’t Prove They’re Not

1.)  We aren’t absolutely certain how the Egyptian pyramids were built, therefore they MUST have been built by aliens from space.

2.)  If a door suddenly slams shut in the middle of the night in your apartment and you don’t immediately see anyone around who could have slammed it, it MUST have been a ghost.

3.)  If a tornado kills hundreds of people during a terrible storm, it MUST have been because God hates gays.

4.)  When your favorite team wins the Super Bowl, it MUST be because God loves them more than the other team.

5.)  God IS the creator of the multiverse because no one can prove she’s not.

6.)  Aliens are, nightly, abducting people into their ships and fondling their genitals. And one can prove they’re not.

7.)  There is no God but Allah, and no one can definitively prove otherwise.

8.)  Jesus is God, the only god, and part of a trilogy of gods who are, in fact, only one god, even though there are three of them, and there’s not a single person alive who can prove with 100% certainty that this is not true.

9.)  It is a fact that there are hundreds, or perhaps even thousands of gods, as the Hindus believe, and not even Steven Hawking, with Einstein’s help, could have shown, without ANY doubt whatsoever, that this is NOT absolutely true.

10.)  Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama are running a very secret, no one knows about it, not really, child prostitution ring out of a pizza parlor with the help of the CIA, the FBI, the NAACP, and the ACLU, and there’s no one, no group, and no organization that can ABSOLUTELY show that this very secret, almost unknown activity, is in fact, NOT really happening.





50 thoughts on “10 Things That Are True Because We Can’t Prove They’re Not

  1. #4 is the only one worth bothering about as everyone knows God is a sports fan.

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  2. If I we’re to ever see an alien or a UFO, I wouldn’t know what to say or think, other than the fact that its our government messing with us humans. They’ve gotten advanced just like religious cults. I really enjoy reading this post.

    Here’s something for you:

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  3. I can’t speak for all of them, but I know for a fact that 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 10 are absolutely true! Lol. I couldn’t let this one pass without leaving a comment . hahaha

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  4. Aliens are here I tell you! It’s the only way to explain why Trump became president of the USA.

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  5. 6.) Aliens are, nightly, abducting people into their ships and fondling their genitals. And one can prove they’re not.

    Could be. There are people who would pay the aliens handsomely for this service. And aliens need to relax and unwind after the hard work of building the pyramids.

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  6. This is almost always the final argument, so it must be true. They really think they got you.

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    • Yep. It’s their mic drop moment, along with the “Were you there?!” argument.

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    • I never heard that argument but I made it the other way by answering I din’t know I was’t there- implying that they were not there either. I got no response because there is no response.

      But back to your post, why would they think that question helps their argument any more than yours since neither of you were there?

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    • I know. It’s really faulty thinking. But I’ve come across it a lot. I saw you mention somewhere that you were a lawyer. I’ve a strong feeling the “You can’t prove I did it or didn’t do it because you weren’t there” argument wouldn’t stand up well in a court of law. But, who knows. The way things are going nowadays, perhaps it’s what we can one day look forward to as a legal precedent. 🙂

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    • Somebody had to be there or there has to be some very believable circumstantial evidence. Circumstantial evidence is much better than eye witness. And all witnesses have some false memories, or just lie. It is not a totally reliable process.

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  7. So, that’s who has been fondling my genitals in the middle of the night! What a relief, I just assumed it was me – lol! 😀

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  8. The head of Reuters, Stephen Adler, wrote a scathing OpEd today about the right wing’s belief that they can have their own “facts.”

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  9. If you doubt any of these, the burden of proof is on you.

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  10. Grand. No one can prove I did not enjoy this very much. 😃😄😂👍👍Hugs

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  11. Number 8 has screwed with my brain, or is it the bottle of Italian red I’ve just drunk. Who Knows? No one can prove it. 🙂

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