Are Trump Supporters A-Holes?

Yes.  Yes they are.  And here’s why.  Let me tell you a story.  It’s about me and a friend I had when I was a kid.  His name was Erin.  I met Erin when we were about 6 or 7 years old.   Erin lived on my block and we hung out a lot playing games and such.   I often was invited to Erin’s home for dinner and to watch TV after school.  I thought Erin’s folks were great people, especially his dad.  His dad was one of the nicest, coolest guys I ever met in my 7 years of life up to that point.   He raised German Shepard puppies, gave us cake and cookies when I came over, and was, as far as I could tell, very loving to his wife, Erin’s mom.  He was also a Neo-Nazi who had a giant swastika hanging over his collection of WW2 firearms which he kept in a display case in the living room for all to see.  And, though I didn’t know what it was at the time, he often dressed in an S.S. uniform when he was at home.  Why, I don’t really know, but he did.

Now, as a little kid, I had no idea what any of this stuff meant.  I just liked Erin and his really nice, cool dad cause he was so nice to me.  Later, when I got older, about 16 or 17, I think, and understood what Nazis were and that they weren’t the greatest folks around, I asked Erin’s dad why he decided to be one and support their ideas.  He sat me down and told me how awful Jews and blacks were, how evil and dangerous they were, and how we white people had to do all we could to protect ourselves and our country from them.   At that point, I thought to myself that no matter how nice he’d always been to me, Erin’s dad was, in fact, an a-hole.  Deep down inside, no matter what wondrous things he’d done for Erin, Erin’s mom, and the cute German Shepard puppies he always had around, he was, because of his ideology about Nazis, a real a-hole.  Though I’m not saying they are as bad as Nazis, not yet anyway, I feel the same thing can be said today of Trump supporters.  No matter how nice they are to their pets, children, and elderly parents; no matter how many college degrees they have or what high paying, important jobs they may have, they are, deep down, true a-holes for supporting Trump and his insipidly disgusting political agenda.

A-Holes And Their Master

Trump and his supporters are hurting the country, hurting the world, and hurting me and things I value as an American.  I truly do not give a darn about how many degrees they have, how many Mexican and black friends they have, how many babies they kiss, how many kitties they rescue from trees or how many puppies and orphans they’re providing foster homes for.  If they support Trump, and what he stands for, they’re a-holes.  What Trump and his minions are doing is causing long-term damage to not only our country and our democracy, but to the world and our standing in it.
It’s time for Trump and his kiddies to be told to put down the tinder, matches and gasoline and learn to play nice with others or be made to, by as much force as can legally be applied.  I’m not a “liberal.”  I don’t care about hurting people’s feelings or being understanding of the misunderstood and wrongly persecuted Trump supporter.  See, just like Trump and his most fervent minions, I shoot from the hip. I tell it like it is.  I say the things about the long-suffering Trump supporter that others won’t.  Why? Because I’m right about them, and they need to be said without apology and without being watered down into a sad, whining liberal attempt to “understand the other side’s point of view.”   I understand it just fine, and it’s horribly, horribly wrong and damaging.

I’ve learned how to act, politically speaking, from Trump and his sycophants.  I’ve become a mean, angry bastard who wants to drain the swamp of Trump and his supporters so I, and the rest of the world, can sleep more peacefully at night, free of nightmares about nuclear apocalypses and environmental catastrophes.  So, like Trump and his followers, I’m breaking with the norms and grabbin’ Trump supporters by their metaphorical pussies to shake ’em the f$$k up.  Hell, I’m even campaigning members of Congress to build detention centers along the Southern border with FEMA money in order to lock Trump supporters and their kids in them because I’m…well…I’m different; I tell it like it is, and I shoot from the hip.  I learned how to do all these things from Trump and his supporters.  Ain’t they nice?  I think so.  But maybe that’s because, like them, I’m an a-hole.

37 thoughts on “Are Trump Supporters A-Holes?

  1. If more people relized why this was,
    such a great post, it wouldn’t be the great post it is.

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  2. Great one Jeff. Not sure how I missed it. Glad Infedel753 had a link to it in his weekend round up. Hugs

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  4. I hear you. There’s a saying that a liberal is a man too broad-minded to take his own side in a quarrel. I’ve never been that kind of liberal.

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  5. I share your pain. Every time I dwell on the topic it pisses me off, I really want to give tRump the Homer Simpson Bart Strangle, in a bad way. I wont be happy until tRump is broke, and rotting in jail, along with all of his R cohorts. Then, I may feel better about my country.

    For now, I stew in Tennessee. Waiting, hoping, for some sense of sanity to return to my country.

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  6. Don’t hold back get it off your chest, the man’s a nutter with his finger on the most dangerous button in the world. Yet another idiot elected as your president, I’m surprised Micky mouse hasn’t served a term! The Ramones song ‘Bonzo goes to Bitburg’ is still valid!

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  7. You’ve written, in your inimitable style, what many of us have been thinking. (And, in some instances, sharing with anyone who will listen.)

    Sometimes I think if this nincompoop would just SHUT UP! , it might be tolerable enough to put up with him until 2020. But nooooo! He has to make up for his TINY HANDS by constantly opening his BIG mouth.

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  8. This is shooting from the hip. Just make sure you double check the door after locking up and have someone taste your food every meal Time. I am not saying you be paranoid. No. Just have someone die first besides we still have an issue to settle with the Nobel committee

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  9. Sad to see you have turned over to the dark side.
    The idea is to communicate with people and to convince them them are wrong.

    Did not mean to get you so riled up with my comment yesterday.

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