18 thoughts on “Check Out This Hilarious Bit From Steven Colbert’s Show

  1. It is just gobsmacking mind-blowing head shaking … you have to be shitting me!
    It says a lot about the US that Kennedy was shot and killed but this … I can’t think of a suitable adjective right now … is in the White House.

    Well … we had Zuma so I guess everyone is entitled to have at least one throwback run the country for a while.

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  2. I love it , we must keep telling people about the problem this country has that is getting bigger. Be well. Hugs

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  3. Funny. Sad. Terrible. What really makes America great again, is it is all true.

    Back when Trump was elected, Im sorry, manipulated into office by Russia, we seriously wished we could move to Canada or Mexico. These days I just want to come out from under my rock when someone tells me it is all over…

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  4. Hah. Those would both be really long recordings, though. Probably multi-disc sets.

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  5. LOVE IT!!! Saw that show myself. Steven Colbert and Bill Maher… my two most trusted sources of U.S. and foreign news; that is, REAL NEWS as our Constitution protects and allows. 😉 😄

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  6. That’s hilarious! The next segment The Mystery That Keeps Neil deGrasse Tyson Up At Night was entertaining too.

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