A Secret Message To Believers In Q Anon

“Q” is really “R”.   Deal with that, Q Anon-ers!  Hahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!   (BTW, if anyone from the Deep State or the Illuminati is reading this, please give me a jingle.  I VERY much want to join your organization and help you wreak havoc on the world.  I’ve been trying to drop off my resume with you, but, damn, you all are extremely difficult to find.)

The Real Q

57 thoughts on “A Secret Message To Believers In Q Anon

  1. Haha! This is why there’s a shortage of tin foil in our country.

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  2. I can put you in touch with the Illuminati. Y’see it’s all hidden in open sight. They are responsible for all the numbers on credit cards, each one being a secret code.
    Now all I ask of you is your full name, credit card number, three digit code on the back, pin number and password for me to decode and translate then pass to the Great Ones and within 14 days you will get a secret message slipped under your door.
    Have faith and trust me on this. Why wouldn’t you?
    (Be astute and get on board, just like the QAnnon followers)

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  3. when you get mail from Illuminati insider, put a good word in for me

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    • If one becomes addicted to “Q Anon”, can he join “Q Anon Anonymous” to help him quit? Free Q-tips can be given away at each meeting. Oh, here’s a “Q” tip for everyone: “Q Anon” is a bunch of bat-shit crazy crap. don’t believe in it!

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  4. This excerpt is but a small bit from an excellent book “Fantasyland, How America Went Haywire by Kurt Andersen.
    It explains much of this craziness both harmless and dangerous.

    “Much more than the other billion or so people in the developed world, we Americans believe—really believe—in the supernatural and the miraculous, in Satan on Earth, in reports of recent trips to and from heaven, and in a story of life’s instantaneous creation several thousand years ago.

    We believe that the government and its co-conspirators are hiding all sorts of monstrous and shocking truths from us, concerning assassinations, extraterrestrials, the genesis of aids, the 9/11 attacks, the dangers of vaccines, and so much more.

    And this was all true before we became familiar with the terms post-factual and post-truth, before we elected a president with an astoundingly open mind about conspiracy theories, what’s true and what’s false, the nature of reality.

    We have passed through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole. America has mutated into Fantasyland.”

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  5. I wish this group and the religious dominionists and end times nutcases, anti climate changers, the KKK, white supremacist groups and all the other nutjobs would fly off to some other planet and leave the rest of us the hell alone, so we could live in peace.

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  6. There’s a right-wing blogger I read who actually believes in the Q-Anon qrackpottery. It makes really disturbing reading because he sounds insane. Some of these people may be lost to the real world forever.

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  7. I think they are in cahoots with the Heavens Gate people who have been hidden for many years. Maybe they can be instructed to take a little drink of Koolaid that Jim Jones gave his followers.

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  8. Seriously, we have a real problem going on. I don’t know where it is going.

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    • An explosion of violence is coming, I believe. trump supporters are a bomb waiting to go off. All he has to do is give the OK.

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    • I agree completely….


    • An explosion of violence is coming, I believe. trump supporters are a bomb waiting to go off.

      The last time they went that route, they managed to seize an undefended bird sanctuary visitor kiosk in rural Oregon for a few weeks, forgot their socks and Cheetos, and ended up surrendering ignominiously. These people have enough guns to be worrisome, but lets not forget that their planning and organizational skills are roughly equal to those of a potato.

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    • True. It’s the guns part that worries me a bit. Though, in all likelihood, they’re just as likely to shoot each other on accident as they are anyone else. The videos of these idiots ranting and saying shit like, “Since you can’t prove Q Anon ISN’T real, means it IS,” are amazing to behold.


  9. I note that you made no mention of “J”. That troubles me that you are secretly part of it. Why else would J not be mentioned? They may be watching!

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  10. It is quite convenient for Trump supporters to see their chosen messiah as a mastermind who will bring down the evil financial elite who control the world. That way, they won’t see that he is really an incompetent and obsessive madman with a heart full of hate. Delusions are blissfully self-serving… as long as the necessary blinders are held firmly in place.

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    • Absolutely. They believe Trump and Mueller are acting together, yes, TOGETHER, to bring down a world wide child prostitution ring and the “evil” bankers. Unreal. These people are the stupidest mother fuckers on the planet.

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  11. WHAT!!!!??? 😮 I was told on several dates it was a “diaphragm” and that to hit it would bring a deep state of illumination. Was I lied to?


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  12. You have been tricked!! The quest towards resolving the questions of quarrelsome Q, the 17th letter in the alphabet. In English QU is always used as a digraph (a pair of letters representing a single speech sound) for the sound /kw/ (a voiceless labiovelar stop). Q’s pairing with U is a Latin invention that has its origin in Greek. Therefore, there is no Q without the you, but who knows what’s what after the Greeks got ahold of U. ¿Que?

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