10 Rules To Live By

Here are ten golden rules to live by.  These are serious rules.  They’re not funny or satirical in any way.  They are NOT an example of Poe’s Law.   They MIGHT be sponsored and practiced by the Illuminati, the Deep State, and QAnon.   If you don’t believe all I’ve written here, you’re wrong and need to slam your head into a wall until you WAKE UP AND LEARN TO DEAL WITH REALITY!!!!!  OK, here are the rules.

1.)  Whatever you think to be true, is.

2.)  If anyone questions your beliefs, they’re wrong.

3.)  If you agree with someone famous, that person is right and can not be wrong.

4.)  Proof of an invisible supernatural world rests in the fact that science doesn’t have EVERY answer to EVERY question and never did.

5.)  Your world view is the RIGHT world view.  Thus, those not holding said view are fair game to be called names and mocked.

6.)  The deeper your belief in something, the more truthful it is.

7.)  People who behave differently than what you deem to be normal are weird.

8.)  If someone doesn’t meet your standard of what is beautiful, they’re not.

9.)  Your opinion is equal to, or more important than, any other opinion –no matter what the opinion is, who states it or what it’s about.

10.)  Politics based on identity are annoying, disgusting, and a HUGE sign of hyper-sensitivity and weakness–unless they’re about you and who YOU are as a person.



41 thoughts on “10 Rules To Live By

  1. I slammed my head into the wall and it fu*kin’ hurt, now I’m a believer.

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  2. LOL. However, this is exactly how many idiots left, right and center actually live-by.

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  3. Sounds about right … as in alt-right.

    On Thu, Aug 2, 2018 at 3:40 PM, The Arm Chair Pontificator wrote:

    > inspiredbythedivine1 posted: “Here are ten golden rules to live by. These > are serious rules. They’re not funny or satirical in any way. They are > NOT an example of Poe’s Law. They MIGHT be sponsored and practiced by the > Illuminati, the Deep State, and QAnon. If you don’t believe” >

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  4. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! OMFuckinStars&Galaxies Jeff!! You about made me spit out ALL my Happy Hour cocktail and pissed my shorts!!! 🤣

    Did you steal this from the White House!? Surely you hacked the White House Keynote M.O. you Russian slim-ball! Fess up buddy. Or did you get this from any number of Fundy-Evangy blogs? Cuz this shit is like pure gold!!! 👏

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  5. My favorite is number 7. We The others are good too. Thanks.

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  6. I always knew I was the center of the universe. Now you listed the ten commandments that prove it. I must say your rules have proven the multiverse. How else can we all be the center of the universe and the most correct person with all the best ideas and the best words. You must be “like a very stable genius”. But that is not just my opinion , to make it true you must believe it also. “There is no place like home, there is no place like home”.
    Best wishes. Hugs

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  7. Blessed are these rules … I shall copy and carry them with me everywhere I go.

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