Trump Farts In Elevator, Blames Obama

Trump Making A “I Just Farted Face.”

Gaslight City, Iowa.   President Trump today farted in an elevator full of people in Trump Tower in New York and quickly blamed it on Obama even though Obama was not in the elevator.    “Yes, I know the fart smell in this elevator is awful,” Trump reportedly said to the people on the elevator, “but I’m NOT the one who blew the fart.  No, it was Obama who did it.  Yes, I know he isn’t here right now, but at some point in the past he was most likely on this very elevator, you can’t prove he wasn’t, and farted so powerfully that the stench from it is STILL in here.   I’ve been cleaning up the stench of Obama’s failures for a year and a half now, and I must now get someone to clean his fart stink from this elevator before it causes the stock market to crash or something worse.”

When it was pointed out to President Trump that people on the elevator actually heard the fart sound come from his buttocks, he declared, “No fart sound!  No collusion!  No fart smell!  No collusion!  This is clearly a witch hunt to try to blame ME for a fart sound I did not make!  This must stop in order for our country to function again.  I’ve no further comment except to say, no fart sound!  No collusion!  None whatsoever!  This interview is OVER!”

24 thoughts on “Trump Farts In Elevator, Blames Obama

  1. I’m sorry but President Trump needs to get over that Obama not the president anymore cause now he making false statements saying that the fart was Obamas like really dude… U just think that you are better then everyone u might even think ur better then the present presidents that we had.. I’m sorry but I’m so happy that I didn’t vote for you and its a shame that you are our president …. 😦

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  2. America itself is Trump’s elevator, and the thunder-like blasting therein of fecal gas from his ponderous posterior has been ongoing without a break since the inauguration. Those who are trapped in it for the long ride are mostly gasping and swooning at the ever-thickening stench and paralyzed with dread that someone might strike a match, while the Trumpanzees among them inhale deeply in ecstasy and proclaim it to be the ineffable fragrance of Paradise itself. Gaslight City, or at least this elevator, is decidedly no longer light on gas.

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  3. I love it. Again you have proven you are an investigative journalist of the highest caliber. The prize committee will be at your door any time now. Hugs

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  4. GROSS! But funny as all heck! 😄🤣🤣🤣😍 And soooo totally accurate!

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  5. Someone should ram a wine cork up Trump’s ass. Seriously! The gas would buildup to the point where he would eventually explode in a blue ball of methane-fueled fire! It would need to be a pretty big cork, though… because he’s got a really big smelly ass.

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  6. That malodor is a privilege to delight the olfactory with fumes of the famed, moreover, the malodor del fundió de Trump es mejor que noqueado de Mike Tyson.

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