I’m Now A Follower Of Ayn Rand And Objectivism

I’ve become a follower of Ayn Rand and objectivism.   If you think there is anything wrong with this stance, you’re 100% wrong.  There is right, and there is wrong.  There is black, and there is white.  Nothing is in between.   To think there is, and worse yet, act like there is, only invites problems.  Let me give you an example of how pure, unadulterated objectivism, as it applies not just to morality but to EVERYTHING else, too, would make life much better–well, much better for me, anyway.

There should be no taxes.  Absolutely none.  This is an objective fact.  I’ve worked very hard from the time I was 5 or 6 years old to now to build myself a fortune.   I’m worth over 978 million dollars, and I earned every penny of it myself.  I started with a lemonade stand when I was 5, and now I own a major beverage factory that ships soda pop everywhere in the known world.  So, why should I be giving ANY of my money in taxes to a government, any government, especially one on the Federal level?  I do not need a “government”.  They did not help me in any way and should not get any of my money.   None.  I have my own security guards to protect me from criminals and bad guys, a small army, actually.  I have my own version of a fire department; my own construction company to build roads I may need, and my own small farm, with workers, mostly documented, to grow the food I need for myself, my family, and my friends.  Why should I pay taxes for police, fire departments, road construction, and a national army when I have all I need around me due to my own hard work?   I do not care if others can not afford these things, I can.   If others are too lazy to work as hard as I did to earn money to pay for these things, it is not my problem.  It’s theirs, and I should not be paying taxes to pay for the things others are too lazy to work for themselves.  It’s an OUTRAGE!  I do not need, and there should not be, a government of any kind.  I do not need it.  I’ve earned money, by myself, to pay for all I’ll ever need.  The utter weakness and laziness of most people in America is disgusting.  “Gimme a fire department!  Gimme police!  Gimme roads!  Gimme an army!  Gimme, gimme, gimme!”  It makes me SICK!!!   I truly do not care if individuals are robbed, shot, or raped because they were too lazy to work as hard as I have to hire their own 24 hour security guards.  RIDICULOUS!!  If your house burns down because you do not have the money to pay for your own fire department, I can give a f$$k!  Too bad, so sad, ya’ lazy prick, ya’.  Pull up your bootstraps and GET TO WORK!!!  I did it.  You can, too.  I think it is sickening that I am taxed so the Government can have a standing army.  I have my own!  I do not need theirs!   My money is MINE!!!  I earned it, and I should not have a Government filled with sissies and weakling leftist bastards taxing me because they are too weak-minded to care for their own needs. So, I hope this begins to clarify for my readers why I have now dedicated myself to the writings of Ayn Rand and her ideas on objectivism.   Have I taken them to an extreme level?  Perhaps, but I’m a very wealthy mother f$$ker, and I can buy everything I’ll ever need to live a long, peaceful, uneventful life.  That’s really all that matters to me.  My money was earned.  It is MINE!  You want to tax me?  Then f$$k you!  Go live in Russia or some commie community with crying, baby liberals and leave me, and other Americans who’ve earned their OWN money the f**k alone.  $Amen$

32 thoughts on “I’m Now A Follower Of Ayn Rand And Objectivism

  1. Great tongue in cheek post – really interesting read! I really really have to ask – have you read any Ayn Rand? Just curious


  2. Being that wealthy, you don’t need a road. A small airstrip and hanger should do for your toy collections


  3. LOL! I’d advise you to put “Satire” in big letters at the beginning of this article, but I’m more interested to see the comments by anyone that agrees with this. Well played, Mr. Divine.


  4. Hahahahaha! Love your “nuclear energy” Jeff. 😛 With this PERFECT mentality and impeccable ideology, all of us should be able to comfortably live in our very own castles on our very own islands, each of us, and NEVER have to come out or let ANYONE inside! 🖕Woooooohooooooo!!! 🗿

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  5. Huh! I betcha haven’t got a navy or an air force though? Or a sophisticated satellite defence system with your own nuclear response. Or your own overseas intelligence and counter-terrorism units. Typical idle shirker living off of the state.

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  6. I wish I was you. I really messed up in my early years and allowed the gov’ment to take care of my needs. I should have known better!

    P.S. Can I come live with you?

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    • Sure. I and several other really rich folks have our own suburb near Chicago. You have to bring your own firemen and cops, though, cause mine are just for me. Well, I could rent some to you, but it’s gonna cost ya’.

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  7. Wow your a self made being. Did you evolve your wealth or was it more a creation event? 😃😄😆😉Hugs

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  8. Awesome, and the National Geographic “Liberals” pic is priceless – lol!

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