WTF Is Up With WP And Fake Accounts?

I keep getting notices in my email that people with accounts have started following my blog.  These are fake accounts and do not show up on the list of followers on my blog.  I’ve written about this before, but it is still going on, and it is VERY annoying.  Does anyone have a friggin’ clue as to what the f**k is going on?

43 thoughts on “WTF Is Up With WP And Fake Accounts?

  1. In my experience, these spam follows are annoying but harmless. They pop up on a daily basis for me but WP removes them for me. I don’t worry too much, but if the motive is to crash WP, as some have suggested, then it’s a different story.


  2. A while ago, I notified WP about the issue. They let me know that it’s widespread across many blogs. They figured out a way to deal with fake follows. They’re automatically deleted. The major concern with thousands of fake followers is the millions of emails WP would be sending out every time anyone of the thousands of blogs with scores of fake followers posted. It would crash WP.

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  3. A few weeks ago there was a spate of spam likes to peoples comments on various blogs I follow, they all linked to russian porn sites (no I didn’t look, honest) loads of bloggers complained to wp, it stopped after a couple of days, though I’m not sure wp stopped them.

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  4. The world of internet spamming and trolls is virtually infinite. It could be anything from corporate shenanigans to foreign mischief to lone-wolf hackers or to U.S. surveillance operations. I’m sure you know not to click on those links.

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  5. The ones I’m getting are starting to mimic my friends’ last names. And I’m freaked out. For example: My friend Sally Greahame (fake first name) doesn’t have a outlook account. But I’m getting “subscribers” with outlook emails that start with “greahamevxfhskflu@outlook.”


  6. Jeff … I’ve sent two comments (pretty much identical since I thought I’d messed up in my “send) but neither has shown up. It may be because I included outlook dot com in my remarks. Anyway … can you solve the mystery?

    Or have I been forever banned???????!!!!!!?????


    • They should show up now. I keep the moderate-thingy on but approve everything anyway. A few religious nutters said they were bothered by that, so, me being me, I doubled down on doing comments that way. 😀


  7. You do have Akismet activated, yes?

    I regularly get nonsensical comments in my Spam folder from

    Perhaps you could try blocking anything from

    P.S. I thought I ‘sent’ this comment a minute or so ago but it never showed up. Sorry if this is a duplicate.


    • Comment should be showing now. I have Akismet activated. The comments do not show up anywhere on the blog or in my followers list. I get a notice in my personal email that someone with an account has signed up to follow me. When I go to my site, they are not listed there anywhere. It is very odd.


  8. In my Spam folder, most of them have identifiers. And of course the comments are totally nonsense.

    You do have Akismet activated, yes?

    Also … you might think about blacklisting or moderating anything that has the identifier.

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    • I could have outlook accounts go to my gmail spam folder, but that doesn’t clear up why I’m getting them telling me someone’s following me on the blog. I guess it could be a way to trick me to click onto the email account and then get spammed that way somehow, but I think it has something to do with WP sending these notices out. I don’t know, but, I’m praying on the matter, and I’m SURE that will help. 😀


  9. Why? Why would someone want to fake follow? Do people really have that much free time?


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