And Now, A Few Words From Trump Supporters A.K.A. Snowflakes

We are angry, angry snowflakes!  Our hero, Donald Trump, is made fun of on TV and by comedians every day, and we DO NOT LIKE IT!!!!  It isn’t FAIR!!!  WAAAAA!!  It isn’t RIGHT!!!!  WAAAA!!!  How DARE people make fun of Donald!!!  HE doesn’t do stuff like that to other people, does he?! !  WAAAA!!!!  Our feelings are hurt!!!!!  WAAAA!!! S TOP mocking Donald or we’ll keep crying about how nasty it is!!!!  WAAAAAA!!!!!!  We no like it!


I agree with my fellow snowflakes!!!  Do you have any idea how awful it is to go through your day while people mock Donald Trump, the world’s most emphatic President, ever?  Do you have ANY idea what that’s like?!  DO YOU???!! WAAAAA!!!  WAAAAA!!!  It’s making us melt!!!! We’re far too sensitive for this!  WAAAA!!! STOP IT!!!!  You mother mockers are bad, bad people!  What about OUR feelings, huh?  What about US!!!!  WAAAAAA!!!!! WAAAAA!!!! Please stop mocking Donald!!  We DO NOT like it!!! WAAAAA!!!!


As a snowflake who LITERALLY worships the ground Donald Trump walks on, all I can say to you people who speak poorly of this lovely man is this: WAAAAAA!!! WAAAAAA!!! WAAAAAA!!!  STOP IT!!!  You’re hurting our feelings!!!  The sensitive membranes of our eardrums can’t stand it any more!!!  STOP MOCKING DONALD!!! please?  ok?  i asked nice.   WAAAAAA!!!


Look, I’m not gonna cry about how deeply my feelings are offended by the nasty, non-pussy grabbing no-good-nicks out there who find it necessary to say bad things about Donald Trump and the snowflakes, like me, who adore him.  You’re making us feel bad.  So…no! NO!! NO!!  I promised I wouldn’t cry, and by the power of Russia, I won’t! No!! sniff….. NO!!  sniff, sniff…. No!!!  I refuse!  sniff…..WAAAAAA!!! WAAAAAA!!!! WAAAAA!!!!  Oh, fuck it!  I’ve gotta cry.  I can’t help it!  WAAAA!!  My feelings are hurt just TOO much. WAAAAA!!!  WAAAAA!!!  Please stop mocking Donald! PLEASE!!!  I’m BEGGING you!!!!   WAAAAA!!! WAAAAAA!!!!

40 thoughts on “And Now, A Few Words From Trump Supporters A.K.A. Snowflakes

  1. I know practically nothing about US politics or its politicians.
    But then I don’t give a monkey’s uncle about the ones down here either.
    ‘Tis bliss, I tell you.

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    • Trumpanzees are pretty much your Evangelical Christian bunch here in the U.S. Make any negative remark about them or a joke about them, and they cry like babies who’ve had their candy taken away. They’re a raging hypocritical bunch of idjits. Think BrainYawn times a few million. Same way of thinking; same religious nonsense, only a deep love of Trump is tossed in too, and you have your typical Trump snowflake whiner.

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  2. The last Real Time with Bill Maher was quite good Jeff. One of Maher’s guest this past Friday night was Ross Douthat. While arguing with Douthat about his “hateful” epitaph on Hugh Heffner, they got into a heated discussion about pornography and its definition. I think toward the end of the exchange, Maher finally threw his hands up with Douthat and said the most CLEVER comeback… “I thought you Republicans LOVED freedom!?” referring to freedom of expression mostly, along with others. LOL 😄 I said to myself, “HAH! Only if it benefits their own interests and bank account. Otherwise, more regulation on the evil, corrupt, minorities in America!” 🙄😖

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    • I saw that. It was a great comment by Maher and so true. Republicans want NOTHING to do with a small, noninvasive government. They want a HUGE government that works only for them, their beliefs, and their interests and one they can use to force their beliefs onto everyone else. They think medicare for all is bad; that everything should be privatized and used only by those who can afford to pay for it, right? OK, then let’s privatize the police, the fire departments of all cities, and the military. Need a cop? Well, you’d better have “cop-insurance” or enough money to pay for one out of pocket or you’re fucked. Need a military to defend you from foreign invasion? Welp, you’d better have “military-insurance” or enough cash out of pocket to pay for your own military protection because the army is private and only to be used by those who can pay for it as needed, just like medical care. Privatize. Privatize. Privatize. Right, Republicans? The government needs to stay out of people’s business affairs and let the markets run wild. Small government is best, right, Republicans? Bull-fucking-shit! Republicans are fucking dick-wads, and I fucking hate them. I’d at least have some respect for them if they’d simply be up front with what hateful, greedy fucking bastards they all are, but they’re not up front about it. They dance around their greed and corruption and do back bends to try to show us all how they, underneath it all, are caring decent humans when, in fact, they are evil, lying pricks concerned only with the rich and with sucking money from the rest of us like flies sucking moisture from a pile of shit. We need more Bill Mahers in this world and far, far fewer Republicans. I fucking HATE them. 😀 $Amen$

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    • Okay, so I’m sensing that you’re not a fan of Repubs and Conservatives? Am I close on that impression?

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    • Why, what EVER gave you THAT idea? 🙂 I’ve got many problems with the severe lack of spines within the Democratic Party, too, but my contempt is just not what it is for Repukes. The Repukes have done an outstanding job of being hateful, despicable, anti-American, traitorous pieces of shit. 🙂

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    • LOL… but yeah, I’m right there with you brotha. Republicans LOVE unfettered capitalism… or rather more accurately: unfettered capit-a-corruption like the Wild Wild West!!! Or something along the lines of Purge-Scorched Earth/People tactics… nobody get in my/our way! Pain and death for all poor mediocrity & minorities! 💀

      Ya know, it’s kind of a Russian-Nazi mentality isn’t it? 🤔

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    • It is. They also, like you mentioned, LOVE being involved in people’s private sex lives and bedrooms. They moralize, push their theocratic bullshit on to people, and then get caught, quite often, boinking the 15 year old baby sitter whilst their spouse is away golfing or some such shit. They are gods when it comes to hypocrisy and lies.

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    • TRUTH! That reminds me of one of my all-time favorite quotes, I’ll tweak it a bit just for you Jeff: 😎😈

      “The prude [Repub] is in fact the libertine,
      without the courage [balls] to face their [primal] naked soul.”
      —- A. S. Neill

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    • I love it! “the courage to face their naked soul.” Yep. That is true bravery, to face our truest, deepest self for all it is, good and bad while placing no blame onto anyone else but ourselves. That is one of the hardest things to do in life. Many can not do it or even make the attempt.

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    • Instead choose to create that facade, that hypocrite you mentioned Jeff. Take it from me, and I’m sure you can attest to this as well my Friend, embracing that true human nature — with all good, bad, and in between — is FUCKIN’ LIBERATING to tha HILT!!! 😁😈😇🤠

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  3. I love it. It seems they are saying “Do not do as I do , instead treat me and my views with ultimate respect, while I can trash everything you value and hold dear”. They are so messed up they constantly project what they are doing to others claiming it is being instead done to them. It should be done to them, but they cry too hard when they even think it is. You have gotten them so correct. Hugs

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  4. Oh do people really like Trump? He isn’t really president is he? No it’s just one of your mericun tv shows like the Osbournes isn’t it? isn’t it? Gulp

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  5. Sorry Snowflakes. We suffered through your Obama crap. Now it’s YOUR turn. Don’t like it? Then move to a colder climate … like Mongolia. Or better yet, the Antarctica. And take your beloved tRumpsky with you!

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