Happy Valentine’s Day To My 7 Billion Subscribers

Happy Valentine’s Day To All My Blogging Pals!  I Love You All So Much My Heart Has Split In Two For You!  But Worry Not.  I’ve Stitched It Back Together, And I’m Fine.  I’m Just Looking For Someone To Sew It Back Into My Chest, So If You Know Of Any Good Surgeons,  Send ‘Em My Way.

34 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day To My 7 Billion Subscribers

  1. This is so good and I really enjoyed your sweet sense of humor.


  2. That was so sweet of you. I know a surgeon but he doesn’t have transport. We are trying to get angels to bring him over


  3. Esme runs in and kisses the little godly one on the forehead then pegs it

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  4. Isn’t (T)hordaddy great! I’m glad you got to meet him.

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  5. I’ll summon the prayer warriors. See what kind of donation you can put together. Lines are a bit busy, but we’ll fit you in.

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  6. I know no cardiologists Jeff, BUT you’ll be happy to know that I know an EXCELLENT lobotomist/brain-surgeon! Some of his greatest work…

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  7. Here I thought you were all heart. Now you tell me you have a body also? Dang you is very well off. Hugs

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