I’m Being Discriminated Against…Again!

Well, it’s happened again.   Another group of people has decided I can no longer belong to their “unique” club.    This time it’s the Russian Oligarchs.  The bastards.   I mean, sure, I’m not Russian; I don’t speak Russian, hell, I’ve never even been anywhere near Russia, and I’m poorer than a church mouse, but SO WHAT!!!  If you prick me, will I not bleed like a Russian Oligarch?  If you insult me, in English cause I don’t speak Russian, will I not cry like a Russian Oligarch?   If you give me tens of billions of dollars, will I not use it to greedily enrich myself and shower myself in gold, diamonds, and sexy babes like Russian Oligarchs do?  Of course!

Russian Oligarch Saying: “Who The Fuck Is The Arm Chair Pontificator?”

Just because I was never asked to join the Russian Oligarch club is no reason to kick me out of it.  ENOUGH!!  Until I’m reinstated into said club, I’m going to crank call every oligarch in Russia, their friends, their families, and even their pets until they cry into their bottles of high alcohol content vodka and beg me to stop.   I hope they like their phones ringing at 3AM, because that’s when I’m gonna crank ’em.  Get ready to never sleep again, you bigoted Russkies.   You bastards have picked on the wrong American!  (Don’t say I didn’t warn you).

29 thoughts on “I’m Being Discriminated Against…Again!

  1. hahahaha!!! Love this in every way possible. 🙂 hahahaha!!!! I needed a good laugh. LOL!!!!


  2. What a breath of fresh air to read a calm and measured response, as opposed to some of the hysterical stuff I read on the net, or that comes out of the political system.


  3. As Elvis Costello once sang ….
    ”I don’t want to go to Chelsea.”


  4. I thought you owned a gas field in Russia?


  5. I haven’t been able to follow the news lately. Is this a parody on someone inside the Russian campaign-mingling scam, conspiracy-cover up? 🙂

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  6. Now, THAT is funny! I absolutely love it! What a sense of humor you have! Each and every one of your posts always brings tears of laughter to my eyes! Keep ’em coming, Please!!!

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  7. The White Russian aristocracy bleeds blue, not red like us. They must be a different species altogether. Many of them have orange hair like Trump. Do normal people have orange hair? I don’t think so! I think it’s time to start a race war against the blue-bloods. Who needs them anyway? They steal our money, rig our elections, and treat us like dirt. Like Braveheart, I say we demand our “freedom!”

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