Famous Non-Racists From History

As President Donald Trump has repeatedly stated, he is the MOST non-racist person any one could ever meet.   Who are we to doubt ’em, eh?   What many people don’t know, however, is that many other non-racist people have held powerful positions throughout history.  Here are but a few.


The great Julius Caesar said this as he first entered Gaul: “I’m not a racist! I’m not killing and enslaving millions of you Gauls because of your race.  I merely want your country, and you are resisting me.  But truly, I’m NOT doing this because of your race.  Again, I’m NOT a racist. I’m more non-racist than any other conquer you’ll ever meet.  Really, I am.  Really.”



Charlemagne was known to say this of the pagans he was converting to Christianity: “Stories about my racism are greatly exaggerated.  Yes, I’m traveling into non-Christian areas and killing pagans who will not convert.  BUT, I’m NOT killing them based on their race.  They only die if they won’t convert, and this is a good thing.  Non-Christians are the bane of existence and viewed by the All Loving Jesus as horrid wretches who deserve painful deaths and an eternity of suffering in Hell.  So, as you can see, I’m very, very non-racist. OK?”



Martin Luther very simply once said of Jews, “I don’t hate Jews because I’m a racist.  I hate them because they’re nasty, evil, conniving little shits who don’t believe in Jesus.  I rest my case.”



And finally, the biggest non-racist in history, next to Donald Trump that is,  Adolph Hitler had this to say on racism: “Never in the history of humanity has there been a more non-racist person than me.  I love ALL people.  Do I love Jews?  Of course not.  Why?  Because they’re not people.  They’re animals.  Thus, in light of this fact,  I’m not racist and have never hurt another human being in any way, ever. Really, I haven’t.  I mean that.  You believe me, right?”



25 thoughts on “Famous Non-Racists From History

    • Depending on the context, “fuck” can be a very good thing. “I’m bored, honey. Let’s go for a fuck.” Or “Hey, instead of watching the Olympics, let’s fuck!” However, being as this post relates to that stinking piece of shit President of ours, Donny Draft-dodger, I’m assuming you mean “fuck” as in “Fuck that guy!” A very appropriate use of said word in this context.


  1. Trump is not a racist. He has never told a lie either!

    Brilliant post!


  2. This is most definitely not a racist sh*thole. You see things as they are – in black and white. Good for you.

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  3. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Great post.


  4. The only reason these guys were racists is because the Gauls, the pagans, the Christians, and the Jews all lived in shit-holes.

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  5. Oooooooh… COME ON JEFF!!! Keep going with all the pics and facts, please!!! Continue right up to 2018!!! 😉

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  6. How telling. It’s almost as though he’s read their works and is quoting them. I don’t hate Donald Trump because he’s orange. I hate him because he’s not human. Therefore I’ve never hated anyone ever in my life.

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  7. Seems you summed up the current president well. It is what is in his mind at the time, not what the rest of the world understands and knows that counts for him. Hugs

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