Welcome To Alabama: The Pedophile State

Alabama: The Pedophile State

Montgomery, Alabama.     Men, would you like to press your naked, aroused flesh against the body of a 13 or 14 year child but fear the legal repercussions of doing so?   Well, then, relocate your fine self to Alabama where such things are not only allowed, they’re encouraged.    Here in Alabama, we raise our children to do two things:  Love their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, with all their heart, and submit to the sexual advances of any adult male who wants them without question.   Back in Moses’ day, gals as young as 9 or 10 were married off to men in their 60’s all the time.  And why not?  Did God not make the woman to please the man?  Did Jesus Christ not say, “Love your children as you would your sheep?”  I most certainly don’t think Jesus meant for men to make wool out of their children.  That’s just nutty.  So, besides making wool, what else are sheep used for if not to gratify the sexual needs of the shepherd?   Doesn’t it make far more sense for sexually frustrated adult men to satisfy their needs by having sex with children rather than by fornicating with sheep?  Of course it does!   Ain’t no sheep gonna tell ya’ how much it loves you while your making love with it the way a child can.  I can tell ya’ that!  So, if you’re a man who would like the freedom to stalk children for your prurient needs, then come to Alabama.  You’ll love it here.  Hell, you’ll love it SO much you may decide to run for the Senate and represent our state on the Hill one day.

25 thoughts on “Welcome To Alabama: The Pedophile State

  1. Sounds great … but I apparently won’t get to complete ‘Bama experience since slavery no longer exists!


  2. Alabama must be a special place


  3. Funny how the supposed religious moral high ground isn’t.

    Honesty, compassion, empathy, guilt, all emotions that no R has. Slimy fuckers.


  4. Lived in Mississippi for about 12-years and it ain’t much different ‘cept for all those nooses that hang ready from big Oak trees for any “runaways” around any rural country roads out of Jackson — which is the entire state actually. Or maybe those nooses have just been left there since the 1800’s. 😮


  5. Will the Senate’s sergeant at arms take measures to ensure no children are brought near Moore?

    Wouldn’t he, or she, be legally obligated to?

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  6. But they must ask the mothers for their approval first! That’s the fine principle Mr. Moore puts forth and of course, he’s the paragon to look up to.

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  7. Just remember they have to sleep with themselves at night,that’s the true punishment

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