I Offered To Make A Plea Agreement With Mueller

“Who The F**k Is The Arm Chair Pontificator,” Says Mueller.

I called Robert Mueller’s office this morning to make a plea agreement with him on the Trump/Russia case.   The woman who answered the phone refused to let me talk to Mr. Mueller because I’m not in any way connected to Trump or anyone else involved in the case.    After I swore at her and insulted her lineage, she hung up on me.  I called back and told her if she continued to refuse to let me speak to Mueller I’d prank call her and all of her family every day for the next ten years.  She hung up on me again and now, wait til you hear this, a cop just came to my door with a restraining order ordering me to never call Mueller’s office or this woman again.   Unreal!  The persecution I face every day for being a self-awarded Nobel Prize winner is sickening.   I’m not going to let this rest.  Believe you me, I’ll have my vengeance on Mueller for ignoring me and this woman for hanging up on me if it’s the last thing I ever do!   I’m not sure yet how to go about it without getting arrested, but as soon as I figure something out, I’ll let everyone know.   Until then, remember, it’s now summertime in Australia, so not all is bad.

18 thoughts on “I Offered To Make A Plea Agreement With Mueller

  1. If you really want to make a plea agreement with Mueller…rob a bank! Or next time you correspond, tell them you are da bomb! Either of those would be a quick solution I think.

    We can start a gofundme account for bail. I have some couch change I can easily donate.

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  2. I hope you don’t get yourself arrested for trying to solve the world’s problems

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  3. It’s summer in Australia because Trump has brought back coal!

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  4. Well, I sincerely hope that in your efforts to get this resolved, you don’t end up getting arrested, but please know that I will represent you and I am extremely experienced. I studied law for 2 whole hours. You good! LOL!

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  5. I know how you can get back at him. Make him have to sit in on every deposition that tRumpsky and family have to give. Make him listen to the whining egos claim that it’s not a crime when they do it because they are…special. What do you think, is that enough punishment. Hugs

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  6. How can it be summer in Australia if the earth is flat!?

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