White Men Must Be Expunged From America

Devin Kelley

Gunville, Texas.   Once again, a white male has used an assault-type weapon to murder innocent Americans.   Devin Kelley, a white, male terrorist killed 26 people at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas yesterday.   The problem here, just to be clear,  is NOT easy access to assault-type weapons and guns but white men.   The consistency with which we see white males, for whatever reason, buying assault-type weapons and killing dozens of innocent people is alarming and must be stopped.  Thus, I’m asking Congress to enact a law to make it mandatory that all white males be expunged from America.   This simply MUST happen in order to make America not only safe, but great once again.   Fewer white males will mean fewer mass gun murders by these terrorists in waiting.   How much more evidence is needed to see the value of this idea?   So, like my Great Uncle Thaddeus Whippersnapper The Third once said, “Friggin’ white men are all mentally sick bastards.  None of ’em should ever have guns.  Leave the guns to women, children and minorities, and kick all white men out of America before there is no America left.”  And to Uncle Thad’s idea I say, $Amen$.

31 thoughts on “White Men Must Be Expunged From America

  1. Oh great divine one. I had posted here before that I am willing to depart from this US of A. Just find some country that is willing to accept an old, broken down former machinist/Vietnam war vet. Any one way ticket will be fine by me, the cheaper the better. You meet a better class of people if you stay far away from the first class passengers. I’d be willing to bunk in the engine room of some old tramp steamer even. Hell, I’d enjoy doing that. Right near those sweet big diesel engines, it would ne like coming back to my roots.
    Just find some country that is willing to take me.

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    • There’s a group of us headed to Sweden in a blow-up paddle raft. You’re welcome to join us. Oh, bring chips if you can. Thanks. 🙂

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    • May I join you? I’ll bring chocolate! 😉

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    • You betcha! Damn good news about yesterday’s election. Big turn outs and decisive victories over Repukelicans. A few of the Justice Democrat candidates won, too, from what I’ve heard. Keep the fires of resistance burning! Vote progressive and let’s put tRump and his minions where all traitors belong, behind bars!

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    • Be careful with what you wish for by considering the following scenarios put to you by SoundEagle:

      The massive exodus of white men prompted (or mandated) by Jeff (inspiredbythedivine1) will soon cause unbalanced gender ratio, leading to a large number of women staying single or becoming spinsters, and also resulting in a larger number of interracial marriages as many white women will have no choice but to seek coloured partners, causing ongoing complaints and protests from coloured women who have to compete with those white women for mates and boyfriends. The film and fashion industries will cry foul as the majority of their biggest male stars, models and earners are Caucasians. Countless gay and bisexual men will also find it much harder to find casuals or partners and start to protest. The list of domino effects goes on and on, and will give the current President even more excuses and ammunitions to pacify and pander to those complainers and the disaffected with his new slogan: “Make America White Again!”

      All of these can have the unintended side effect of making the President even more popular.


    • Somehow I doubt even those things could make the President popular. Anyway, us white dudes are having a fine time over here in Sweden. 🙂

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  2. I am indeed an American male caucasian and would be more than happy to leave this country for one of the extremely successful, more scientifically intelligent, more happier, more caring, and most of all more active in their civil duties and more represented by their own government: Nordic nations! There’s a major problem with that, however.

    My native country of the “Great nation of the USA” (that my family and I have been devoted to, responsible within, peaceful law-abiding citizens of for 8 generations!)… won’t let me leave the country! The state of Texas will NOT give me a passport. My home state will NOT allow me to renew my Educator’s license or my Psych/A&D therapy license in order to work a decent wage-earning job in order to survive the average cost of living. But they are damn sure poised to arrest me and throw me in prison because I’m unable to keep up with snowballing child-support arrears, the snowballing penalties, interest, and fees which my home state’s Attorney General’s Office reports monthly to all three national credit bureaus… piling up more penalties on “my record” during any job-interviews & hiring methods, legal or financial contracts required to ALSO survive the average cost of living!

    Do I want to be kicked out of this country, expunged forever!? You better F*CKING BELIEVE I do and leave all these other male caucasians who are “in charge” of this insanity way behind… with all the white psychos they keep putting assault-rifles into their hands via “Ghost Guns“!!! I want out of here so bad my eyes are crossed and my head spinning! I need to be living amongst intelligent, happy, SANE caring human beings! But this place won’t let me go, further perpetuating the insanity. 😧😵

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  3. The country should invest in body bags and coffins seeing that the killing is only going to get worse

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  4. Dang white guys never stick to the script though, the gunman never said God is great in a Middle Eastern language so we could blame his whole country, religion, and of course his family. You are so correct about this white guy situation, they can’t even remember their lines. ( well I think some of them do some lines but that is totally different thing. ) Hugs

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  5. WHAT???!!! Another ‘white’ mass murderer? I am shocked, SHOCKED, I say!!!

    Let the expunging begin!!!

    Great post!

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  6. All of the Native Americans would agree that we have an immigration problem and they should all go back to where they came from.

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  7. Sure glad I’m a woman so I don’t get blamed for all this nasty stuff that goes on. 😀

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    • Women are safe from being expunged. When’s the last time you’ve heard of a woman killing 26 or 59 people with an assault-type weapon cause something or someone in her life pissed her off? You’ve not. So, white males, the BIGGEST snowflake hyper-sensitive adult babies known to mankind must be kicked out of America or they’ll kill everyone else in it. $Amen$

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