A Hulk Rant On Donald Trump

Hulk angry!  Hulk’s President is stupid, dumb orange man, Donald Trump.  Hulk doesn’t like stupid orange man.   Orange man has no respect for women.  Orange man thinks he can grab women by women’s private parts just cause orange man is famous.  ORANGE MAN BAD!!! Hulk SMASH stupid orange man!!!  Orange man give huge tax breaks to his billionaire friends by taking money from poor, old and sick people.  HULK HATE STUPID ORANGE MAN!!!  Stupid people voted for stupid orange man!  Hulk not smart, but Hulk smart enough to know orange man is bad and hurts good people.  Hulk good, so Hulk didn’t vote for stupid orange man.   Stupid orange man voters are bad just like stupid orange man!!!  Orange man call Asian man with bad haircut silly names.  Now Asian man with bad haircut might drop huge bomb on Hulk and people Hulk loves.  HULK HATES STUPID ORANGE MAN!!!  Hulk must go now because stupid orange man make Hulk sick, and Hulk need to rest.  Hulk hope stupid orange man go away soon.  Hulk can’t take much more of this!!  AAARRRGH!!!


22 thoughts on “A Hulk Rant On Donald Trump

  1. Hahahaha!!! I swear I thought I was reading a vintage Marvel Hulk comic! DAYUM dude! 😉

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  2. Hulk is hereby put on notice that he will be watched by Homeland, FBI, CSI :_), and whatever thing that watches people

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  3. Hulk just think of it this way! “This too shall pass!” It may not pass soon enough to suit Hulk, but it will pass. Heck! I thought that the Bush era would never end and it did. Are we the better for it? No. But hopefully, some of us will still be standing once ‘The Orange Cloud’ disappears.

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  4. Poor Hulk. He, like Mongo, is only pawn in game of life.

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  5. Hope you feel better soon Hulk, we are going to need you and all your friends to smash the helpers of the bad orange man in congress in 2018. It is coming soon and we will have a heck of a fight on our hands. Could use some big hulk hands for that fight. THe bad orange man and his bad friends have other bad friends with lots and lots of money. They want to steal your country and your rights away with their money. So get well soon, and come out smashing. Hugs

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