Arm Chair Pontificator Wins Yet Another Nobel Prize

Self-Awarded To The Arm Chair Pontificator For His Brilliance In All He Does

Chicago, Illinois.   The world-famous blog, The Arm Chair Pontificator, was awarded its second Nobel Prize in four years by its creator and writer, Inspiredbythedivine1, earlier today.   “I deserve this award,” Mr. Inspired said to himself this morning, “because everything I think or write about is always completely and inerrantly correct.  How many other bloggers can make this claim?  None, I tell you, none!  Thus, I’ve awarded myself another Nobel Prize.  I’ve emailed the Nobel Committee of this occurrence and expect them to send me my award any moment now.  If they refuse to do this, like they refused to send me the last award I gave myself several years ago, I will prank call their children, their parents, and their pets until I bend them to my will with the pure intimidation of it all.   I want to thank all of the 6 billion readers of my blog for supporting me, and it, over these past few years.  It is not easy making up silly shit off the top of my head 3 or 4 times a month, but knowing you’re out there, reading what I write and having it enrich your lives far more than anything else you may have in them, makes it all worthwhile.   Thanks again to all of my fans, and remember, a note or a call to a Nobel Prize Committee member threatening to flay them alive if they refuse to recognize me for this award, would be greatly appreciated.”

25 thoughts on “Arm Chair Pontificator Wins Yet Another Nobel Prize

  1. Just know that ALL of your 6 billion readers are behind you on this!


  2. That bastard Stark owes me a fate of money.

    This was just a affair of fourth dimension Jeff!


  3. Congratulations my inspiration friend. 🙂 You deserve so much happiness. 🙂


  4. This was just a matter of time Jeff! Congrats! This is such a BIGLY award from all the BIGLY crowds roaring and chanting YOUR name!!! 😮



  5. Congratulation oh inspired one!
    May I ask one very small favor of you regards to your Nobel prize award? I’d only ask, heck, if I must, I’ll go on my old, arthritic knees and beg, that you do NOT drone foreign nations as did our former POTUS; aka; the (ig) Nobel piece prizident who became shortly after getting that award the absolute number one (with many bullets and bombs/missiles) Drone King.
    IF you will make and keep said promise, I’ll continue to support you and promote your fine blog.
    Just remember this; it’s all mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it don’t matter.
    On a lighter note, a quote from Margaret Mead is needed. She said; “Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have”.


  6. I just placed the call. No problem! They regard you highly!


  7. I think it’s a vast global conspiracy by disturbingly jealous media professionals.


  8. I shall send off a note tout suite! (Simply cannot understand why you haven’t been given your due recognition!!!)


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