It’s Time To Ban White Men From ‘Merica

White Males Like This One Are The Scourge Of ‘Merica

After the shooting by a white male in Las Vegas yesterday which left 50 people dead and another 200 injured, I can only say this: white men need to be banned from ‘Merica.  Permanently.  We need to begin with the immediate deportation of all white males as soon as possible.  They clearly are the scourge of the earth and have no place in a country built on Jesus Christ, love, freedom, and guns like ‘Merica is.   Also, we need to place a travel ban on all the “white” countries of the world, Sweden, Switzerland, and Norway come immediately to mind.   As well, walls need to be built around all white neighborhoods in ‘Merica to keep those white males we can’t deport quickly enough from invading decent, law-abiding neighborhoods and killing everyone in them.  White men are evil.  Pure and simple, and this latest act by a depraved white male in Las Vegas proves it.  Case closed.  The right type of ban is the white type of ban.  $Amen$

48 thoughts on “It’s Time To Ban White Men From ‘Merica

  1. continuing from above…

    This insane merry-go-round we keep fueling… by adding MORE weapons into civilian’s hands has to stop already! Otherwise, the next logical stage are law-enforcement responders not knowing who tha F*CK are Friend(s) or Foe(s)!!!! Those upcoming blood-baths are what’s next. Guaranteed! Even highly trained SWAT members are human and make mistakes in a matter of milli-seconds, half-seconds, in all the chaos. In fact…

    In the 1966 University of Texas Tower shooting from Charles Whitman, 2-3 Austin police officers went on record stating at first arrival, several men with scoped hunting rifles and shotguns were everywhere “helping” and they were not sure WHO was the actual gunman/gunmen! One officer said he was close to accidentally firing upon a helping civilian! Btw, Texas just passed laws to allow teachers, principals, and vice-principals to have handguns in their classrooms. 😧 We Texans are MO-RONS I tell ya!!! 😖


  2. Jeff, I think my comment just went into Moderation/Spam folder due to a YouTube video. Fyi. Thanks Sir.


  3. Jeff, I’m sure you’ve probably seen this clip (no pun intended AT ALL, SERIOUSLY!!!) …

    Then here in a minute I’ll post my comment about the 1966 University of Texas Tower shooting. Yeah, that’s right… after 52-years America STILL can’t figure it out!!! 😡


  4. Please do not see this comment as any sort of disrespect towards the victims of this latest senseless killing. Check out “The Onion” today. One of the stories they have on the main page, it may be taken down soon, is; “No way to prevent this” says only nation where this regularly happens.
    Hey, ‘Merikkka! STOP this crap, NOW!
    I am old enough to remember when Nikita, the Soviet leader threatened to “bury” the US of A. Well, he was wrong. We are doing it to ourselves and we seem to be doing a damn good job of self destruction.
    Ban all white men? OK, will you send me to Germany? My grand parents/great grand parents came from that country. Will the Germans let me live there? I doubt that Sweden or Norway want me. Hey, send my to Antarctica! I wanted to go there since 1957, it was the IGY then. International Geophysical Years (IGY). Even with my poor health and at nearly 70 years old, I’d still go, just send me my ticket, one way of course. I’d just ask to be allowed to take my old iMac and Canon digital SLR so I could take and view my photos. Let me know when I should start packing.

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  5. It’s so sad what happen in Las Vegas.

    Your right, all white men should be deported from Merica.

    You’ve made a lot of great perspectives.

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  6. But have you checked his DNA? There might be some dark people we can blame in there somewhere 😀

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  7. Shouldn’t we also issue guns to every non-white male? Maybe even the non-white females. Especially to all those under 16 and over 78 years of age. New births of non-whites should be issued two hand guns and one long gun with their birth certificate. I am sure you have much better ideas on these lines, but I thought I would offer the thought. Hugs

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    • Those are terrific ideas. I hear cops have been pulling over and beating up white males at an irregularly high rate since the Vegas shooting. Funny how times have changed. Next thing you know, white dudes will be taking a knee during the national anthem at football games.

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    • Scottie,
      Well, first off, I want t agree with you on your comment. Actually, I wish we could stop this idiotic killing and make it harder to get any gun. I am not any sort of “bleeding heart liberal”, I was a US Marine who did a tour in Vietnam with 5th Marines 1970-71.
      Nobody needs an automatic weapon in this country. I’d limit ALL guns for sale to single action revolvers and maybe shotguns and bolt action rifles.

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    • Why stop at guns, just give everyone a tanker and grenades. America will be safer

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  8. BTW, have you seen this transcript of Trump displaying his “knowledge” of his travel ban?


  9. Well, at a minimum, Nevada has to be included on the travel ban list.

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